Graduate Scholarships at Khalifa University 2024–2025

Any international student who desires a top-notch education and fully supported scholarships has an outstanding desire to study in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We are happy to notify you that the Khalifa University Graduate Scholarships application portal is operational if you are also interested in studying in the United Arab Emirates on a fully financed scholarship.

Two factors support Khalifa University Graduate Scholarships. Which two things are these? Firstly, there will be no application fee for applicants. Secondly, students will not be submitting separate applications for the esteemed scholarships. The application they submit to be admitted to the university will be the basis for their evaluation.

The degree programmes offered by Khalifa University are very diverse. This blog piece will walk you through the university application process and introduce you to the requirements and advantages of being eligible for scholarships, among other things. We hope you read this article through to the end.

Among the most well-known universities in the United Arab Emirates is Khalifa University. It’s located in the United Arab Emirates’ Abu Dhabi. It was founded in 2007 and currently has 3,500 students enrolled. Khalifa is widely acknowledged as one of the most outstanding colleges in the world and is continuously listed as such. The campus of the institution is known as Urban.

Summary of Khalifa University Scholarship Programme

• The United Arab Emirates is the host institution for scholarships.

• Sponsor of the scholarship programme: Khalifa University

• Scholarship levels include pre-medical, master’s, doctoral, and PhD programmes.

• Type of funding for scholarships: Full funding

• Eligible international students for scholarships

• The closing for scholarship applications is November 5, 2023.

Benefits of Khalifa University Scholarship Programmes

The scholarship has complete funding.

• Selected applicants receive health insurance through the scholarship.

• The scholarship provides a monthly stipend.

• MSc students will get eight thousand Arabic dirhams, or AED 8,000.

• Doctorate candidates would get 12,000 AED (Emirati Dirham).

Scholarship Programme Requirements for Eligibility

Application for a master’s programme requires a bachelor’s degree.

Candidates for PhDs must be Masters degree holders.

A certificate of English proficiency is required of applicants.

Admission interviews must be given to applicants.

PhD candidates should write a research statement of 500–1,000 words.

Required Documents for Applicants

• Statement about oneself

• Filled out the online application.

• Proposal for research

• Two letters of recommendation

• Certificate of enrollment

• Academic record

• Certificate of English Proficiency Test

• Resume or Curriculum Vitae

Guidelines for Applying for Khalifa University Scholarships

Before the application deadline, applicants must upload the necessary data and documents online.

Apply Here 


International students can receive scholarships from most UAE universities; however, the esteemed Khalifa University offers exceptional ones.


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