Fully financed Chinese Government Scholarship at Shaanxi Normal University for 2024

Interested and qualified international students can apply for the Shaanxi Normal University Chinese Government Scholarship at this portal. This will be useful if you want to be chosen for the scholarship.

The Chinese government sponsors the Shaanxi Normal University Chinese Government Scholarship, which aims to bring extraordinary students to study graduate studies at the renowned University.

All shortlisted candidates’ tuition, housing, and other educational costs at Shaanxi Normal University are paid for under this fully funded scholarship program.

The Chinese government grants scholarships to international students who merit them. Here, “deserving” refers to the fact that only international students with exceptional academic and leadership records are eligible to receive the scholarship.

Chinese university Shaanxi Normal University was founded in Shaanxi in 1944. It provides graduate, undergraduate, and master’s degree programs. Thousands of students, both domestic and foreign, attend the university.

Shaanxi Normal University provides half and full scholarships to international students for every academic session. Its outstanding academic record is acknowledged on a global scale.

Chinese Government Scholarship at Shaanxi Normal University – SUMMARY

• China, the host nation for scholarships

• Shaanxi Normal University is the host institution for scholarships.

• Scholarship levels: programs leading to master’s and doctoral degrees

• Type of funding for scholarships: Full funding

• Students who qualify: Foreign students

• Deadline for applications: February 16, 2024


• It pays the registration and tuition costs of the selected applicants.

• It pays the lodging expenses for the selected applicants.

• It covers the living expenses of selected applicants.

• It grants 3000 yuan per month to those who are chosen for master’s programs.

• It provides 3500 yuan a month to those who are chosen for a PhD.

• It provides full medical insurance premium coverage to selected candidates.

Qualification Requirements

• Applications for this program are open to non-Chinese nationals.

• Interested need to be in good physical and mental health.

• Candidates for the master’s program must be at least 18 years old and hold a bachelor’s degree.

• Candidates for PhD programs must be at least 18 years old and hold a master’s degree.

• Students whose mother tongue and official language are not English must get an English-level certificate.

• The HSK4 level is necessary for the Chinese teaching major.

• Candidates who have already won honors or obtained findings from scientific studies are given preference.

Time Spent on Programs

• Masters: two or three years of study

• PhD: four years of study

Required Documents

• Notarized maximum academic certificate
• Passport homepage
• Academic transcript
• Laihua Learning Program
• Proof of language ability
• Recommendation letter
• Published scientific research papers
• Certificate of no criminal record

Guidelines for Applications

By February 16, 2024, applicants must upload all the documents using the URL below.


In summary

Chinese Government Scholarships are available for non-Chinese citizens who want to study in China during the 2024–2025 school year. It is wholly sponsored and pays for most of the selected students’ educational expenses.


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