2024 Global Journalist Fellowship at Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute in the US – Funded

Are you interested in a fellowship program to improve your writing for the media? Think about applying to the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute in the United States for the Global Journalist Fellowship.

The Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute created the Global Journalist Fellowship to inspire foreign journalists to shatter barriers in their fields.

Through this fellowship program, selected foreign journalists will be able to improve their journalism abilities and be exposed to resources that can aid them in their professional pursuits.

The generously financed Global Journalist Fellowship pays for the selected applicants’ two semesters of tuition and registration at the esteemed Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

A stipend of up to $16,000 will be awarded to the exceptional applicants who are chosen for the fellowship for each of the two semesters.

One of the best journalism schools in the United States of America (USA) is the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. It bears the name Arthur L. Carter in honor of the journalism professor.

Overview of the Global Journalist Fellowship

Arthur L. Carter is the program sponsor for fellowships.

The United States of America (USA) is the host nation for the fellowship.

The Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute is the host institution for the fellowship.

• Master’s degree as the level of fellowship

• Type of fellowship funding: Partial support

• Number of fellowships: Several

• International students receiving fellowships

• The deadline for fellowship applications is January 15, 2024.

Requirements for Eligibility: Global Journalist Fellowship

• You have to be a student from abroad.

• You need to speak and write English fluently.

• You need to have a stellar background in journalism.

• You need to have finished your four-year undergraduate program.

• You must have finished the fellowship program and been accepted into the journalism M.A. program.

• If English is not your primary language of instruction, you must take the TOEFL exam.


• Tuition and registration costs are covered.

• It grants $16,000 to the chosen applicants.

• It aids chosen candidates in honing their journalism abilities.

Approved Programs

• Business and Economic Reporting

• Cultural Reporting and Criticism

• Global and Joint Program Studies

• Literary Reportage

• Magazine and Digital Storytelling

• News and Documentary

• Science, Health and Environmental Reporting

• Podcasting and Audio Reportage

• Reporting the Nation and New York

• Studio 20: Digital First

Guidelines for Applications

By January 16, 2024, all applicants must upload the necessary files and submit their applications using the URL below.

The Global Journalist Fellowship application can be found at

Application Link;

In summary

The chosen students’ tuition and application fees are covered by the Global Journalist Fellowship. In addition, it gives them a $16,000 bonus. International students who want to improve their journalism skills can consider this program.


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