2024-2025 University of Alberta Entrance Scholarships – Funded

As an incoming University of Alberta Entrance Scholarships student, you are qualified to apply for multiple admission scholarships. This page will be helpful if you’d like to learn about scholarships and the application procedures.

One Canadian university that offers fully and partially financed scholarships to international students each academic session is the University of Alberta Entrance Scholarships.

Deserving international students can get CAD 5,000, $6,000, or even more in admission scholarships from the University of Alberta to help with their tuition and other educational costs at this esteemed institution.

You do not need to submit each application form one after the other in order to apply for these scholarship programs. After completing a single application form, you will be evaluated for a scholarship based on your history, experiences, interests, and other factors.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, The University of Alberta is a public research university that was founded in 1908. It provides graduate, undergraduate, and master’s degree programs.

In Alberta, there are more than 42,000 students. There are about 35,080 undergraduate students and up to 8,410 graduate students. There are almost 8,000 academic and administrative staff members at the university.

Entrance Scholarships: Overview

• Canada is the scholarship host nation.

• Scholarship provider: University of Alberta

• University of Alberta, the host university for the scholarship

• Value of the scholarship: $6000

• Number of scholarships: Several

• Undergraduate degree level for scholarships

• Students who qualify: Foreign students

• Jan. 10, 2024 is the deadline for applications.

Qualification Requirements

• You have to be a student from abroad.

• You have to be a brand-new pupil.

• You’re enrolled in a program full-time.

• You meet the requirements for the application.

• You have to pay for your education.

Benefits and Scholarships for Entrance

• $5,000 CAD International Admission Scholarship

• $6,000 CAD for the Gold Standard Scholarship

$5,000 CAD Regional Excellence Scholarship

Procedure for Application

Upon receiving an offer letter from the University of Alberta Entrance Scholarships to pursue their selected undergraduate program, candidates may submit a single scholarship application. Click the following link to view the application guidelines in further detail.

Application link: 

In summary

The scholarship prizes vary from $5,000 to $6,000 CAD and beyond; overseas candidates with superior academic records are given priority for admission scholarships


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