2024 Energizing Canada International Entrance Scholarship at University of Calgary

Do you have your eye on a Canadian undergraduate scholarship? The University of Calgary’s Energizing Canada International Entrance Scholarship is a worthwhile choice.

The Energizing Canada International Entrance Scholarship is for outstanding international students who want to complete their undergraduate studies in Canada but need help paying for their education.

Two criteria are used to offer scholarships under the esteemed program. Interested students must be financially needy and have excelled academically.

Nonetheless, there is competition for the Energizing Canada International Entrance Scholarship. Only one applicant is shortlisted from the more than 500 international students who apply each year.

Still, it provides a significant advantage. At least $20,000 will be given to the selected overseas student to help with their tuition at the esteemed University of Calgary.

Other names for the University of Calgary are UCaglary and U of C. Founded in 1966, this Canadian public research university is located in Calgary, Alberta.

Among the Canadian universities with the largest enrollment of both domestic and international students is U of UC. It has about 30,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Canada International Entrance Scholarship: Invigorating Overview

• Joseph and Cindy Leung are the scholarship program’s sponsors.

• University of Calgary in Canada, the host university for the scholarship

• Value of the scholarship program: $20,000.

• Number of the scholarship program: One (1)

• Undergraduate degree level for scholarships

• Students that qualify: Foreign Students

• Majors in the scholarship program: UBST, BHSC-H, BCOMM, and BHSC

• Application deadline: Open

Qualification Requirements

• Students who are interested must not be Canadian.

• Interested students must meet the academic prerequisites.

• Interested students must prove they need financial aid.

• Interested students must have graduated from accredited high schools in China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

• Students who are interested must be enrolled in undergraduate courses in the faculties listed below:

– Arts
– Business
– Engineering
– Medicine

Scholarship Advantages

The University of Calgary will offer the chosen applicant $20,000 for tuition.

Procedure for Application

All foreign applicants for this scholarship must submit an admissions application to the University of Calgary. They will be qualified to apply for the scholarship program if admitted.

application link.

In summary

Undergraduate students in their first year may apply for this scholarship program. Only one applicant will be chosen to receive the up to $20,000 scholarship grant.


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