The Top 5 Scholarship websites for International Students

Top 5 Scholarship websites: Online scholarship and financial aid searches can be challenging. We typically spend the majority of the day hopping from website to website looking for the most alluring scholarship depending on our job preferences.

Using a scholarship website makes this simple to do. To save you the hassle of hopping from website to website in your search for educational finance, we’ve put up a helpful list of the top scholarship websites for you.

The Best Scholarship Resources for Education

It might be difficult to identify the top scholarship websites, even though the fact that many of them can help students find funding for their college or university study.

However, this article is meant to help you locate the top and greatest scholarship websites online, where you can rapidly access databases of scholarships targeted to your professional aspirations.

It can be difficult to tell legitimate websites from unscrupulous ones, so this post will help you tell the difference.

Top 5 Scholarship websites


Unigo is one of the most outstanding and top scholarship websites that has set itself apart from the competition.

 It is a thriving community and a top network for assisting current and prospective college students in achieving their career goals with more than 3.8 million users.

Also, students can choose the finest options for their college experience with the help of cutting-edge technologies from Unigo. On this website, there are more than 3.6 million scholarship databases with over $14 billion in grants.

Unigo provides tailored results to offer the best scholarship possibilities.

To apply for scholarships, students only need to create an account on Unigo, fill out their scholarship profiles, and submit their applications. Just click the Sign-Up button and enter your information.

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With one of the largest prize databases among the major scholarship websites, Fastweb is another top-tier option.

More than 1.5 million scholarships worth $3.4 billion were allegedly made available to students nationwide through the website, which was launched about 15 years ago.

Fastweb provides simple and cost-free registration. Simply fill out and submit your profile, and the website will match you with the right scholarships based on your professional interests and skill set.

Hence, you can select your scholarship based on your requirements, including the amount, submission date, and kinds of scholarships.

The Fastweb website is an excellent resource for getting any sort of educational aid you require because it is well-organized.

Top 5 Scholarship websites

College Board

College Board is an organization that connects students to opportunities and success in higher education. This company was founded in 1900 and was one of the first to provide scholarships for higher education.

The organization was started to inspire students at all academic levels to seek higher education.

Over 6,000 of the world’s leading academic institutions are currently members of the College Board, an organization dedicated to furthering excellence and equity in education.

In addition, College Board helps almost seven million students each year in preparing for a seamless transition to college through its different programs and services, including the SAT and the Advanced Placement Program.

To access additional information and scholarship guidelines, you must register for a free account with the College Board. Just click the Sign-Up button after entering your information.


One of the most esteemed and top scholarship websites in the world is Peterson’s, which aids students in continuing their higher education beyond high school. In order to help you identify and prepare for scholarship possibilities so you can pay for your education, Peterson’s is a group of motivated instructors.

Continue reading if you want information on how to continue your college or university education after high school.

Peterson’s offers the crucial data you’ll require to make decisions about how to prepare for standardized tests and license exams like the SAT, GRE, or NCLEX.

Students can easily access information that relevant to them thanks to the following 3 Peterson’s features:

  • Discover Your Match Use When you use Peterson’s Meet Your Match service and are unsure about where to start, they will pair you with programs they think you’ll enjoy.
  • Sort and Filter: By using these search criteria, you may narrow down your options depending on things like location, majors that are offered, cost, and more!
  • When you’ve found universities that are a good fit for you, save them to your dashboard and get in touch with them to find out more or to apply.

You must register for a free account with Peterson’s in order to begin. Simply fill out the form after clicking the “Join” button.

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Top 5 Scholarship websites


One more of the top scholarship search engines is Cappex, whose mission is to bring every student one step closer to the college that will be the perfect fit for them right away.

The most current and thorough profiles of every college in the globe are accessible through Cappex. They oversee a multibillion dollar database of scholarships and help identify the proper students by using cutting-edge matching algorithms.

Which university is best for you if you think the college application process is too complicated and uncertain? or considering your chances of admission? Put those ideas aside since Cappex thinks that getting you to your first day of college should be easier and that doing so needs getting right through the difficulties of college admissions.

  • How Can I Have Any Hope? impacts your chances of getting into any college.
  • The fit score makes it easy to locate colleges that match your preferences.
  • Introduce you to careers that fit your personality and majors that will help you get there.

You must register for a free Cappex account first. After clicking the Sign-Up button, just carry out the instructions.

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