Top 10 American Universities That Offer Scholarships To International Students In 2023

As an international student who dreams of pursuing his studies in the US on a scholarship, this blog post would help you. It contains the top 10 American universities that offer scholarships to deserving international students in 2023. Note that while some of these universities provide full scholarships, others offer partial scholarships.

Before we discuss the top 10 American universities, we want our readers to know that the full and partial are for different students. While the former is not for tuition-paying students, the latter is. The benefits of the two scholarships are also different. Full scholarships cover essential academic expenses, while partial don’t.

Top 10 American Universities That Offer Scholarships To International Students

1. Stanford University: Scholarships for Exceptional International Students

Stanford University offers outstanding international students scholarships every year. However, the number of students booked each could be bigger and more varied. Stanford scholarship is offered based on merit and need, and its award covers essential academic expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation, board, and room. If you want to apply for this scholarship program, visit the university’s website for more details.

2. Harvard University: Financial Support for International Students

Harvard University’s academic expenses are way too expensive. However, it offers deserving international students financial support to study for their chosen degree. The academic Harvard’s financial support includes tuition fees and accommodation. This is a need-based scholarship, and interested students do not need to apply because it is automatically offered admission to Harvard students. Check for more Details

3. Yale University: Fellowships and International Scholarships

Yale University’s fellowships and scholarships are offered to international students that receive an acceptance letter to study at the university starting from the 2023/2024 academic session. The outstanding scholarship awards cover the most essential parts of the admitted student’s educational expenses. If you want to study at Yale, we encourage you to visit its admission portal before it closes for the session.

4. Princeton University: Scholarships for International Students in 2023

To win the Princeton University scholarship for international students in 2023, visit Princeton’s website and apply for admission. Once you are admitted and receive the acceptance letter, you will automatically book a space in the scholarship. Princeton scholarship is need-based, covering the essential aspect of students’ academic expenses. Many international students have won the scholarship.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Scholarships for International Students in 2023

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s tuition fees are expensive. But it created a need-based scholarship to support exceptional international students worldwide. If you are an international student and can prove why you deserve the scholarship, you will be given it. Also, you must have an outstanding academic history. The scholarship awards cover educational expenses such as tuition fees, accommodation, and others.

6. Columbia University: International Student Financial Support in 2023

Columbia University offers financial to international students who desire high-quality education at the university. Columbia’s financial aid for international students is among the best need-based financial aid. It covers part of the selected applicant’s tuition fees, board, room and other expenses. Check out the requirements from the university’s website.

7. Duke University: Scholarships and Financial Aid for International Students in 2023

Every academic year, Duke University offers a reasonable number of scholarships to extraordinary international students who want to pursue their studies there. This year’s financial aid includes the selected candidates’ tuition fees, board, accommodation and other educational expenses. For information about the scholarship requirements, visit Duke’s website.

8. Brown University: Scholarships for International Students in 2023

Brown University’s need-based scholarships are for international students with an acceptance letter to pursue their studies at the university in the 2023/2024 academic session. To know Brown’s scholarships’ benefits, requirements and application guidelines, visit the university’s website.

9. California Institute of Technology: Scholarship Program for International Students

California Institute of Technology’s tuition fee is expensive; you can apply for its scholarship program if you can’t afford it. The scholarship awards cover part of successful applicants’ tuition fees. To apply for CIT scholarships, visit the university’s portal and submit your application before the deadline if you meet the requirements.

10. University of Pennsylvania: Scholarships and Financial Aid for International Students in 2023

The University of Pennsylvania aims to support and encourage extraordinary international students with its financial aid and scholarship program. The scholarship is also need-based, and applicants must meet the eligible requirements.


The above American universities believe in the education of international students and support them with financial aid and scholarships so that they can pursue high-quality education in the United States. American Universities award fully and partially funded scholarships which cover essential education to deserving international students. We hope you will visit these universities’ websites and take steps towards a brighter future.


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