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$15,873 Eiffel Scholarship Program for International Students in France

Eiffel Scholarship Program for International Students in France

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$15,873 Eiffel Scholarship Program for International Students in France

With the $15,873 Eiffel Scholarship Programme for International Students, many international students have had the chance to study in France. Read only this blog post if you want to apply for this scholarship programme to study in France. You can find all the information you require regarding the $15,873 Eiffel Scholarship Programme right here. This document contains the eligible applicant, the eligibility requirements, and the application instructions.


Can I submit a request for an Eiffel Scholarship?


If you are an international student under 30 years old, you can apply for the $15,873 Eiffel Scholarship Programme. You are also qualified if you have an excellent academic background and satisfy additional eligibility requirements, such as language proficiency. It depends on which language the course you have chosen will be taught in, but you must have a strong command of either English or French.


What academic programmes qualify for the scholarship?


With the Eiffel Scholarship programme, you can apply to study in any Master’s or PhD programme. The scholarship covers a variety of courses, including those in economics, law, engineering, and the humanities. The Eiffel Scholarship also covers research programmes leading to a PhD.


Application Procedures for the Eiffel Scholarship Program?


The Eiffel Scholarship Programme has partnerships with several prestigious French colleges. You must, therefore, first apply for admission to one of these universities if you wish to be considered for the scholarship. The partner universities are listed on the Campus France website. You can now submit your documents and application for the Eiffel Scholarship Programme if any of these universities admit you.


What kinds of documentation are needed to apply for the Eiffel Scholarship Program?


All applicants for the Eiffel Scholarship Programme must have the following documents, which are listed below:


• A letter of intent


• CV (curriculum vitae)


• Academic record


• Academic credential


• Evidence of language proficiency


• Letters of recommendation




Some of the partner institutions needed other documents besides those listed above. Therefore, before applying for the scholarship, we advise applicants to double-check the prerequisites for their selected field of study.


What advantages does the Eiffel Scholarship Programme offer?


One of the top scholarships in the world, the Eiffel Scholarship Programme, pays for various necessary academic costs, including tuition, health insurance, travel, living, and other expenses. Every month, a specific sum of money covering the above mentioned costs is offered to each chosen candidate. However, the cost for each application depends on the applicant’s degree.


• Monthly cost for a master’s degree is €1,181.


• PhD: 1,400 euros per month.


How are candidates for the Eiffel Scholarship chosen?


The screening committee that evaluates the applications each applicant provided as part of the scholarship application selects the recipients of the Eiffel Scholarship. Candidates who meet the requirements will be picked for the scholarship programme after carefully evaluating the research project, academic record, language competency, and other submitted papers.


When is the application deadline for the Eiffel Scholarship Programme?


The partner universities and the candidates’ level of study decide the Eiffel Scholarship program’s deadline. But each academic year, the deadline for the scholarship application is often around January or February. The application deadlines for each university are listed on the Campus France website.


How can I be eligible for the Eiffel Scholarship Programme?


You must follow specific rules if you want to get the scholarship. You must first carefully review the application criteria. You must then review the eligibility conditions. Thirdly, you must go over and compile all the necessary paperwork. You should also include your research proposal and letters of recommendation in the files you want to submit. But since Eiffel only accepts submissions after the deadline, accomplishing all of this without submitting your application before it closes will be a waste of time.


Why should I apply for the Eiffel Scholarship?


Many overseas students have been given possibilities through the Eiffel Scholarship, and you cannot be an exception. With the help of this scholarship programme, you can earn your Master’s or PhD for free at one of France’s top universities. You will also get to interact with other international students who share your interests. Therefore, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to fulfil your educational dream. Apply right away for the Eiffel Scholarship!




If we claim this scholarship programme is not competitive, we will lie to you. It’s fiercely competitive, and numerous applicants from outside go to the application portal every day to submit their applications. But it’s worthwhile. Along with its enormous advantages, it also gives the chosen candidates access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


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