2024 Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships fully funded

Are you seeking financial assistance to complete a two-year Master’s program in a low- or middle-income Commonwealth nation of your choice? Apply for Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships now to end your search.

With the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships (QECS), outstanding students can experience chances that can change their lives, such as traveling to new places and learning about different cultures and social issues.

This esteemed scholarship is intended to assist and motivate exceptional students from Commonwealth countries committed to bringing about constructive changes in their home countries.

Most of the selected students’ educational expenses at the institutions in their chosen low- and middle-income countries are covered by the fully financed Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships (QECS).

This scholarship program mainly covers tuition, living expenses, return economy airfare, one-time arrival allowance, research support grants, and other costs.

Overview of the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

• Commonwealth nations are the host nation for scholarships.

• Universities throughout the Commonwealth are the scholarship host institutions.

• Master’s degree as the scholarship degree level

• Type of funding for scholarships: Full funding

• Students that qualify: Foreign Students

• January 10, 2024, is the deadline for scholarship applications.

Benefits of Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

• A living allowance is provided.

• It pays the entire cost of tuition.

• Return economy flights are available.

• It provides funding for research support.

• A one-time arrival allowance is provided.

Qualifications for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

• Commonwealth nation citizens are required to apply.

• Applicants need to select Commonwealth-wide universities that meet the requirements.

• Candidates have to be working toward a master’s degree.

• A letter of acceptance is required for applicants.

• Applicants need to have demonstrated exceptional academic success.

Application Processes

• Examine the list of nations that qualify.

• Go to the website of the university of your choice.

• Complete the QECS form.

• Submit your application

  Application here:

In summary

QECS is fully supported and pays the necessary educational costs. All exceptional students from Commonwealth nations around the world are eligible.


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