7 Scholarship Opportunities for International Students in Ireland

Ireland is the destination for international students seeking quality education, but its tuition fees could be more friendly to most students from developing countries. However, there are scholarship opportunities for exceptional overseas students in Ireland. In this blog post, we listed seven scholarship opportunities in the country.

The government, universities, non-profit organizations and alums sponsor the scholarship opportunities in Ireland. Most scholarships are awarded to deserving students based on need and academic performance. If you want to know more about the scholarship programs in Ireland, keep reading this article.

The 7 Scholarship Opportunities

1. Central Bank of Ireland Scholarships:

These scholarships are reserved for outstanding overseas students applying to pursue undergraduate studies at Irish universities. The Central Bank of Ireland sponsors the program, and the selected applicants will receive $29,550 towards their tuition fees and other educational expenses.

Application Link:

2. Government of Ireland Scholarships:

The Government of Ireland Academic Mobility Programme, Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship, Government of Ireland Staff Scholarships and others are provided for qualified international students desiring to study in Ireland in the 2023/204 academic session. To apply for these programs, you must possess the eligibility requirements.

Application Link: 

3. The Walsh Fellowships

You can apply for this fellowship program if you seek research studies in Ireland. Up to 30 exceptional applicants will be shortlisted for this great program. Each applicant selected for this program will receive 22,000 Euros towards their research studies.
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4. Centenary Scholarship

Many students from India, China, Japan, Brazil, USA, Indonesia and Malaysia have received this scholarship program. The program covers the tuition fees of the selected applicants for one year.

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5. Trinity College Dublin Scholarships

The program’s reward ranges from $5,700 to $11,400 and will be offered to the best applicants. Regardless of your country, you can apply for the scholarship program. However, you must hold the eligibility requirements and submit your application before the scholarship application portal closes.

Application Link:

6. NUI Galway International Students Scholarships

Non-EU students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Ireland can apply for these scholarships. Applicants recommended by the scholarship selection committee will receive $18,300 towards their academic expenses.

Application Link:

7. University of Limerick Scholarships

The program is hosted and sponsored by the University of Limerick. It’s designed for international students applying to study at the university in the 2023/2024 academic session. The scholarship covers essential parts of the educational expenses of the chosen applicants.

Application Link: 


Ireland is the destination for overseas students looking for quality education. Take advantage of these scholarship opportunities if you also desire a quality education. Submit your application on or before the deadline.



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