Best 10 steps to get Canada Study Permit in 2023

It’s no news that international students desiring high-quality education choose Canada. The factors that contribute to this choice include
job opportunities,
a quality education system,
affordable tuition fees, and
Canada’s welcoming and peace-loving culture.

However, one of the criteria for international students to study in Canada is a Study Permit. It’s a document that allows non-Canadian students to study in Canada, and without it, they can’t pursue their studies in Canada.

However, getting a Canada Study Permit is not a walk in the park. There are steps to follow, and many international students must be aware. And those who are aware have yet to come across the proper steps. For this reason, we researched the steps and drafted this blog article. In this piece, you will find the best 10 steps to get Canada Study Permit in 2023. We hope you will go through this piece and apply the steps.

Best 10 steps to get Canada Study Permit

Step 1: Research University and Program

Search for the university you would like to study in Canada and ensure that the university offers your chosen course. Check its tuition fees if they are affordable and also the requirements for admission. The university’s academic history should also be checked.

Step 2: Admission Requirements

The universities in Canada have different criteria or requirements for their admission. You must check each university’s standards and choose the one you meet the requirements. Age, language and academic history are parts of the admission requirements of many Canadian universities.

Step 3: Gather Required Documents

To gain admission into a university in Canada, you need to have some documents. Every Canadian university seeks academic transcript, certificate, proof of English language proficiency and other relevant documents. Ensure these documents are ready when applying for a Study Permit in Canada.

Step 4: Apply for Admission Online

The admission applications of the universities and colleges in Canada are online. Candidates are to submit their applications online before the application deadlines. So, you must visit your preferred university’s website or portal and submit your application. However, you have to meet the admission requirements.

Step 5: You have to wait for the Acceptance Letter

For all the applications submitted by applicants, there are selection committees whose work is to assess them. The committees look at whether you meet the admission requirements and the requirements documents. If you pass this stage, you will be issued the acceptance letter, which you need to apply for the Study Permit.

Step 6: Pay Tuition Deposit If Admitted

Your acceptance letter will come with a tuition deposit, which you must pay before a specific date. We advise you to pay before the deadline so that you won’t lose your admission. The tuition deposit payment means that you have accepted the entry.

Step 7: Apply for Study Permit and Visa

You must pay your tuition deposit to apply for Study Permit and Visa. Study Permit applications can be submitted through the Government of Canada’s verifiable website and the Canadian embassy in your country. The documents you require for the application are your acceptance letter, evidence of funds, and passport.

Step 8: Pre-book Accommodation

At the time you plan to travel to Canada for studies, there are lots of students who are also preparing. This means that you will jostle for the housing available with them. And you may need to get the accommodation you like. So, we advise you to pre-book your accommodation. Canadian universities have on-campus and off-campus housing. You can decide to live either on campus or off campus.

Step 9: Connect with New and Old Students

One mistake you must only make is to travel to Canada to connect with students from your chosen college or university. Social media groups are created wherein new and old students share thoughts and ideas, including your school’s activities. We advise you to join these groups and the conversations. It’s in the groups that you will find out the best housing for you and other opportunities waiting for you as a new student.

Step 10: Prepare for your Travel and Book your Flight

You will need documents at your school when you arrive in Canada. Before leaving your country, make sure you prepare these documents. Also, you have to book your flight as early as possible. Aside from the fact that it will be very cheap compared to booking it a few days before you leave, booking it earlier will also afford you enough time to prepare for your leave.


If you want to get your Canada Study Permit with little stress, follow the above ten steps. This is the only way to perfect your Study Permit application and increase your chances of making your dream to study in Canada come true. This is also the only way to avoid scammers who portray themselves as Study Permit agents. This piece will help you get to your dream destination.


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