2024–2025 Tulane University Merit Scholarships

Applications for Tulane University’s need- and merit-based scholarships have been made public. The scholarships are available to exceptional international students worldwide and are renewable for four academic years.

Students interested in need-based and merit-based scholarships must demonstrate two things to be eligible for the awards. Both parties must provide evidence of their respective academic accomplishments and financial need.

As mentioned, the scholarship grant is renewable and often worth $1,000. In this blog article, we’ll walk you through the five steps to applying for the scholarship and inform you of the perks, requirements, and other information.

Tulane University was one of the first private universities in the United States of America (USA), founded in 1834. Over 15,000 talented students from many nations comprise its undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The campuses of Tulane University are stunning. The university is well-known worldwide and has appeared in rankings from several prestigious websites, including Forbes, Washington Monthly, QS, THE, ARWU, THE / WSJ, and many others.

Summary of Tulane University Scholarship Programme

American Federation for International Education

Tulane University is the scholarship’s host university.

Programme of financial aid: undergraduate degree

Candidates for scholarships: international students

Type of support for scholarships: full funding

The deadline for scholarship applications is December 5, 2023.

The Scholarship Program’s advantages

The full scholarships from Tulane University cover the recipients’ whole academic expenses.

Partial scholarships from Tulane University cover a portion of the winners’ tuition.

Conditions for Scholarship Eligibility

• Students must have stellar academic records to be considered for merit-based scholarships.

• Students must demonstrate their financial need to qualify for need-based scholarships.

• Applicants must satisfy the university’s entrance requirements.

• Applicants must be eligible for the award.

• Criminal histories are not permitted for candidates.

Application materials for scholarships

• A current passport.

• Verifiable 12-year educational history

• A concise curriculum vitae (CV)

• A statement of intent is necessary.

• Two letters of recommendation

• Certificate of Proficiency in English

• An acceptance letter

Procedure for Applying for Scholarships

Obtain the paperwork above and upload it while submitting your application online. Here is a link to the application.

Visit this website for further information on merit scholarships:


Your credentials should support your request. Apply for partial scholarships if you are not eligible for the full scholarships.


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