Top 10 Universities in USA Offering Fully Funded Admission [without IELTS]

Studying in the United States of America will be an extremely incredible experience and it’s the
fantasy of every transnational learner. The justification is not far-fetched; you will certainly obtain
a degree appreciated throughout the world in addition to appreciating state-of-the-art study
buildings and amusing cultures and multitudes. However, the main shortcoming of numerous
transnational learners is generally a shortage of finance.

And here in this article, we have gathered an enumeration of the top 10 United States
Universities giving fully financed admission. Surprisingly, it is likewise feasible to apply to these
universities and their scholarship programs without the expected IELTS/TOEFL prerequisites.

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What you Should Understand about Studying in the United States

Education expenditures for transnational learners vary from as small as the sum of $5,000 to as
high as the sum of $50,000 each year.

  • The expense of habitation (living) in the United States of America is comparably reasonable with
    usual worths which comprise Internet/phone ($35 to 60); Food ($17 to 42); Rent ($104 to 208);
    Electricity/gas ($50 to 100); and Transport (approximately $36onin on average.
  • There are over a million scholarships granted every year to multinational learners studying in
    the United States which run into billions of dollars in scholarship prices. According to statistics,
    the United States. The Department of Education only grants an estimated sum of $46 billion in
    scholarship finances annually.
  • American universities/governments provide fully financed scholarships for justifications such as
    to facilitate prudent (diplomatic) ties with the learner’s residence countries or to entice the
    promising brains to the States.
  • Learners from any ethnicity can get fully sponsored scholarships to study in the United States.
    The United States is extremely welcoming and supportive of multinational scholars. Its various
    cultures and energetic universities provide a flavor of the knowledge that every learner will want
    to have.

Having these, let’s look at the prominent universities you can apply to and be provided fully
financed entry, even without the most dreaded English Language prerequisite. Point Out: To
obtain a waiver for IELTS, you will constantly be requested to offer some evidence (s) of your
language command. Refer to our post on how to Apply For These United States Scholarships
Without IELTS and likewise directed to Top Universities in the United State of America, to Apply
without IELTS.

United States Universities Providing Fully Financed Admission

Universities in the United States of America Providing Fully Funded Admission [without IELTS] Most of these universities have committed scholarship programs that are granted at the
threshold of access and can fill in the full expenditure of the learner’s program throughout the
study period, so long as the learner completes particular qualification requirements. The
universities are;

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago shows its willingness to have students who have leadership attributes
with fully sponsored scholarships. There is no particular domain of study for this scholarship.
The stamps scholarship which is provided by this University offers its candidates schooling
expenses, lodging, and a total sum of $10,000. [Useful Link].

Yale University

Yale is yet another outstanding University in the United States that provides Fully financed
Admission opportunities to multinational learners from different countries. Yale offers
Scholarships worth Over a sum of $50,000 to candidates as monetary assistance. [Useful Link].

Duke University

Duke University provides the Robertson Learners leadership program with the main purpose of
financing leaders that will make assistance guiding societal transformation. The candidates of
this scholarship will accept their full schooling, accommodation, and boarding payments. [this

Barry University

At Barry University, multinational learners are providing allotments over four years to sponsor
their education. When you attain admission to this University under this program, you will be
provided the full expenditure for schooling, lodging, transportation, books, and so on, and the
sum of $6000. [Useful Link].

Amherst College

Amherst College assists multinational learners who are entitled to admission but do not have
sufficient finances to spend on n schooling and additional expenditures. The economic
requirement of the candidates is assessed instantly after the intellectual is acknowledged to
study at Amherst College and monetary assistance which is comparable to 100 percent of the
student‘s requirement will be provided. [Useful Link].

California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology likewise provides allocation and access to learners who
exemplify leadership attributes and notions. This fully financed admission will comprise the
subsequent advantages,

  • Four years of Education paying
  • Payment for candidates’ room and board
  • Added stipend.
[Useful Link].

Clark University

The International Scholars initiative is a program that is hosted and sponsored by Clark University
in the United States. This funding opportunity is given to students that have demonstrated some
outstanding leadership qualities. It is a fully funded admission program, covering all
undergraduate education costs for international students willing to pursue undergraduate
courses at Clark University. [Useful Link].

Harvard University

Harvard University is another institution that supports both Undergraduate, and graduate
students with fully-funded opportunities to study at the University. There is a wide range of
scholarships at this University covering various costs like tuition fees, traveling costs, and
accommodation. [Useful Link].

Boise State University

Boise State University offers a lot of fully funded admission opportunities to both international
and local students of the United States of America. The actual award amount granted by these
Universities vary based on different standards like obtainable allotments, eligibility of the
candidates, and so on. [Useful Link]

East Tennessee State University

The University of East Tennessee provides fully financed opportunities to multinational learners
based on excellence. It provides opportunities to both fresh and graduate learners. The
donation provided by this organization fills in schooling payments and maintenance payments.
[Useful Link].


The usefulness of Studying with Fully Funded Admission in the United States of America

Most of the establishments provide fully financed admission opportunities or fully sponsored
scholarships in the United States provide the ensuing advantages;

  • Fully paid schooling payment
  • Health insurance for its candidates
  • Visa allowance
  • Occupancy stipend
  • Textbooks are fully paid for
  • A brand new computer
  • Free Airfare return tickets.

These are the significant advantages of fully funded admission provided by some Universities in
the United States.

How to Get Fully Funded Admission in the United States

Commonly, obtaining a fully sponsored contribution to study in the United States might not be
easy. But with the correct method of items, it can be perfect as easy as anything. We suggest
that you apply these recommendations in your drive to obtain fully financed admission in the
United States.

  • Be on the explorer for scholarships granted by the United States Government.
  • Seek aid from your residence country and look out for bilateral agreements between the United
    States universities and corporations or the government of your nation.
  • Apply for as numerous scholarships and monetary assistance provided by your selection of
    United States University.
  • Be on the sentry for allocation programs sponsored by transnational institutions and
    philanthropic foundations like the United Nationals, World Health Organization, Bill and Melinda
    Gates Foundation, the Soros foundation, etc.

If you have read to this juncture, then you are extremely feasible at the prospect of being rewarded
a fully funded admission to a United States university. Commence applying now


The United States of America is an extremely incredible place to be and a wonderful experience one should have in their lifetime and it’s the fantasy of every multinational applicant. The justification is not far-fetched; you will acquire a degree relished throughout the planet in addition to appreciating state-of-the-art study
buildings and lovely atmosphere, cultures, and populace. Nonetheless, the significant shortcoming of innumerable multinational scholars is generally a shortage of finance.

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