Qualities of a Good Engineer

Engineers, as practitioners of engineering, are professionals who invent, design, analyze, build, and test machines, complex systems, structures, gadgets and materials to fulfill functional objectives and requirements while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety and cost. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engineer

An engineer possesses good qualities that guarantee the best output and productivity.  Possession of requisite skill sets defines these good qualities. The skill sets are either in the form of Hard Skills, Soft Skills, or both.

Acquisition of the basic skill sets determines how successful a professional engineer is. The career path that a professional engineer intends to take, and how far and success depends on the acquisition of the skill sets.

Basic Hard Skills of a Good Engineer

Hard skills are the skills acquired during academic programs. They are also learned during practical training in the field of engineering. The skills should be well displayed during work. They are the first to consider during employment. So anyone who wishes to be a good engineer must continue to get and use the skills:

1. Active Technical Knowledge

One of the basic qualities which makes a good engineer is the acquisition of active technical knowledge. This hard skill is the first in its pecking order because it enhances the acquisition of others. Although it is good to have higher grades in university education. It is also important to gather professional certificates. Yet, continuous learning of practical and technical knowledge that was not learned during academic education is a major strength. It makes an engineer atop his professional calling

2. Problem-Solving

There are nagging problems in industries and factories where engineers work. A good engineer must have the quality to solve these problems without much stress. Companies will cut costs if engineers can solve problems. The ability to solve problems when you encountered them minimizes costs incurred by the companies.  You will earn respect and be dependable if your problem-solving skill is high.

Good Engineer and Problem-solving

3. Creativity

This is a great blessing to the mind of an engineer in providing solutions to difficult problems. It is an ability to solve problems.  If you have the skill to find answers to problems at crucial times, you have the quality of a sound engineer. This is more so when the most available solution is not solving the problem.

4. Analytical and Critical Thinking

Analytical and Critical reasoning is the rational process through which you “get, interpret, and use knowledge, facts, and data, ” while exercising logical thinking in analyzing issues and making proper decisions to solve problems- Analytical & critical reasoning | SKILLSETS – McGill University

You have the quality of a good engineer if you use the skill that is vital to reduce biased practices in engineering that depend on complex decision-making, where errors in judgment have severe consequences.

Good Engineer and Critical Thinking

5. Innovation

In all the places where we need an engineer, there are demands to keep making things better, faster, or stronger. Engineers’ acquisition and implementation of this skill are very important to make workplaces live up to the current tide of innovation in the global industrial space.

6. Paying Attention to Facts and Details

An engineer must be accurate and precise in practice. This is possible if he pays attention to facts and details. It is an ethic of the profession. In some industries where precision is key, a minute mistake can be very costly while the smallest miscalculation can have devastating effects. A CEO will only be happy with an engineer who pays attention to facts and details because it can result in huge consequences when it comes to incurring costs or even health and safety.

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Basic Soft Skills of a Good Engineer

Soft skills are non-technical skills that describe how you work and interact with others. Instead of learning Data Analysis or Programming alone in school, soft skills are also important. They are evaluations of your behaviors and relationships with other colleagues. If hard skill is the key to getting employees to build a successful career in engineering, a lack of soft skills will get you fired.’ A recent study shows that 44% of US employers believe that their workforce is missing critical soft skills. A good engineer wouldn’t want to be part of that statistic, do you? So if you want to succeed in your career, then it’s time to start thinking about the importance of soft skills for engineers.

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1. Communication

This is the first skill that a good engineer must have.  As a professional engineer,  you must go through written and oral tests. You have to communicate your brilliant technical skills either in writing or speaking. Proper exhibition of all the hard skills depends on good communication skills. In some cases, you need to prove that you are the right person to do a job. You can only do this by communication. So when it comes to soft skills for engineers, communication is an important one to master.

Good Engineers communicate

2. Collaboration and Teamwork

The engineering profession requires you to work with people from other professions. It requires you to work with colleagues in your profession, too.   Working well in a team will shape your relationship with your colleagues. No one knows it all. You cannot do everything in isolation either. So, your collaboration and teamwork skills will enable you to share with, and learn great ideas from others.

Teamwork and Collaboration a quality of a good Engineer.

3. Leadership and Organization

This skill set has to do with taking up responsibilities. So, acquiring and using it will make you a good engineer. because it has to do with taking up responsibility. Do people look to you for guidance, can you earn their trust? With strong leadership skills engineers can make a real difference.

It does not matter whether you’re starting your career or are a seasoned professional. If you are proactive and ahead of others in thinking and providing organizational and project management skills, you are likely to push team members to deliver projects within a specific deadline. A good engineer should use this skill very well. You need to understand the job schedules and the rules to not be misunderstood as someone with an inordinate ambition.

Leadership skill is a quality of a good Engineer
Leadership skill is a quality of a good Engineer

4. Adaptability

Can you think on your feet and adapt to new situations? There is plenty of challenges and problems that arise during a workday. Your employer needs to know how you’re going to respond when that happens.

There’s more than one way to reach a goal and it’s up to you to assess problems and find suitable solutions. The ability to come up with an organized solution within a given time frame is a valuable soft skill that every engineer should develop.

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5. Enthusiasm

If you want to work as an engineer, show how much you want it. Having the desire to get up and go is crucial. Showing enthusiasm is a great skill that will help speed up your career.

6. Resilience

Finally, resilience is a great skill in any walk of life. The nature of an engineer means that you can be on call 24 hours a day which can be tough. Even in jobs where you don’t find yourself on call, they can be as demanding in other ways. It’s important to prove that you won’t fall at the first hurdle and can keep going through tough times.

Source: https://slcontrols.com/en/10-characteristics-of-a-successful-engineer/

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It is good to be a good engineer. You can have the quality of a good engineer if you practice or work on some of these skills. Many of the skills can be acquired on the job. Other skills can be learned by reading contents like this. You can also develop the skills by choosing people who have the skills as a role model. These skills may be difficult to practice at first. But if you try to force yourself to practice it, you will do pretty great as a good engineer!

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