Duke University Merit Scholarships in USA 2024

Are you trying to find a fully financed scholarship to study for your undergraduate degree in the US? If so, we strongly advise you to apply to Duke University for the Merit Scholarship. This complete scholarship was established to help outstanding first-year students who need help paying for their programmes’ study expenses.

The Duke University scholarship programme is open to new or prospective students. This implies that current students are only eligible to apply for the scholarship award if they were granted it during their first year and are permitted to renew it afterwards. Under such circumstances, the pupils will need to fulfil specific academic requirements.

As a full scholarship programme, it pays for all of the beneficiaries’ essential educational expenses throughout the four years of their academic journey, including board, mandatory fees, housing, and tuition. Applicants should note that there is a single application for this award. The scholarship application they submitted will be utilised to evaluate them.

The scholarship selection committee will pick the winners, and the email addresses that the candidates provided during registration will be used to notify them of their selection. The committee will choose applicants who meet all of the university’s entrance requirements and have stellar academic records.

Duke University was one of the first academic institutions in the world when it was founded in 1838. It’s among the most coveted universities in the country. Nearly all undergraduate and graduate programmes are offered by Duke. Currently, the school has more than 15,000 domestic and international students. The university is renowned for its academic merit on a global scale.

Summary of Duke University Scholarship Programme

The United States is the host nation.

Duke University is the host institution.

The undergraduate degree level

The kind of financing is a full scholarship.

Students who qualify: Every national

The number of scholarships: Several

The due date needs to be stated.

Benefits of Duke University Scholarship Programmes

• It pays the entire cost of tuition.

• It pays for lodging expenses.

• It pays for board fees.

• It pays for required fees.

Conditions for Scholarship Eligibility

• All eligible and interested students are welcome to apply.

• Only undergraduate students are eligible.

• Students with exceptional academic records are eligible.

• Students without a criminal history are eligible.

• Students who are in good physical and mental health are eligible.

Guidelines for Applying for Scholarships

The Duke University scholarship selection committee receives and evaluates applicants’ applications to determine admission. These applications will be used to create a shortlist of accepted applications. For further information, see the application link below.

Application link: 

To sum up

The programme has complete funding given to applicants based on merit. Its rewards cover the honorees’ whole academic expenses.


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