Cal State Long Beach Nursing Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements

Attaining admission to the nursing program at California State University, Long Beach is a rigorous process that requires dedication and academic preparedness. Prospective students must meet specific criteria and surpass competitive acceptance rates to secure a spot in this esteemed program. Understanding the admission requirements and acceptance rate for the Cal State Long Beach nursing program is crucial for aspiring nurses looking to embark on a rewarding educational journey.

1. Highly competitive, acceptance rate around 3%.
2. Strong GPA and prerequisites, rigorously considered.
3. TEAS exam scores required for admission.
4. Clinical experience preferred.
5. Holistic approach to admissions process.
6. International applicants welcomed.

History and Reputation of the Nursing Program at Cal State Long Beach

Even before its official establishment, the nursing program at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) was envisioned to be a cornerstone of healthcare education in the region. The program was founded with a mission to train competent and compassionate nurses who would elevate the standards of patient care. Over the years, it has evolved to become one of the most esteemed nursing programs in the state, known for its academic excellence and commitment to producing top-tier nursing professionals.

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Establishment and Evolution

One of the earliest nursing programs in the California State University system, the nursing program at CSULB was established in the 1950s to address the growing need for highly skilled nurses in the community. Since its inception, the program has continuously adapted to the changing landscape of healthcare, incorporating the latest advancements in nursing education and practice. The program has grown in stature and reputation through strategic partnerships with healthcare institutions and a dedicated faculty, attracting top-tier students and producing graduates who excel in their profession.

Accolades and Recognitions

One of the hallmarks of the nursing program at Cal State Long Beach is its consistent record of accolades and recognitions. The program has been ranked among the top nursing programs in the state, known for its high licensure exam pass rates and the success of its graduates in the professional field. Additionally, the faculty members of the program have been recognized for their contributions to nursing education and research, further solidifying the program’s reputation for excellence.

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Notably, the nursing program at CSULB has received accreditation from prestigious organizations such as the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), underscoring its commitment to meeting the highest standards of nursing education and practice.

Overview of the Nursing Profession

Clearly, the field of nursing is a diverse and rewarding profession that plays a vital role in the healthcare system. Nurses are at the forefront of patient care, providing crucial support and assistance to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. From hospitals to community clinics, nursing is a profession that offers a wide range of career opportunities for those passionate about making a difference in people’s lives.

Career Paths in Nursing

Any individual considering a career in nursing will find a plethora of options to explore. Registered Nurses (RNs) can choose to specialize in areas such as pediatrics, oncology, critical care, or mental health, among others. Advanced practice nurses, such as Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Anesthetists, have the opportunity to provide more specialized care and take on increased responsibilities in diagnosing and treating patients.

Impact of Nurses in Healthcare

Any discussion on healthcare is incomplete without recognizing the crucial role that nurses play in patient outcomes. To put it simply, nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system, providing round-the-clock care, monitoring patients’ conditions, administering medication, and advocating for their well-being. The impact of nurses extends far beyond the bedside, as they also contribute to healthcare policy development, research, and education.

To shed more light on the impact of nurses in healthcare, it is essential to understand that they are often the primary point of contact for patients and their families. Nurses offer emotional support, empathy, and education to help individuals navigate through challenging health situations. Their holistic approach to care ensures that patients not only receive treatment for their physical ailments but also feel supported mentally and emotionally throughout their healthcare journey. Impact, healthcare system, patient outcomes, nurses, nursing profession

Cal State Long Beach Nursing Acceptance Rate

Unlike IS Cal Sate Long Beach’s nursing program hard to get into?, the acceptance rate for Cal State Long Beach’s nursing program can vary each year based on different factors. It is essential for prospective students to understand the acceptance rate trends and the factors that can influence their chances of admission.

Statistical Trends Over the Years

With a competitive pool of applicants each year, the acceptance rate for Cal State Long Beach’s nursing program has fluctuated. In recent years, the program has seen an increase in the number of applications received, leading to a lower acceptance rate compared to previous years. This trend highlights the growing interest in nursing as a career choice and the competitiveness of the application process.

Factors Influencing Acceptance Rates

Long waitlists, limited available spots, and high academic requirements are some of the factors influencing the acceptance rates for Cal State Long Beach’s nursing program. Prospective students should be prepared to demonstrate not only strong academic performance but also a commitment to the nursing profession through relevant experiences such as volunteering or work in healthcare settings. This holistic approach to admissions allows the program to select applicants who show the potential to succeed in the rigorous curriculum.

  • High academic standards
  • Relevant healthcare experiences
  • Commitment to the nursing profession

Nursing programs like Cal State Long Beach’s seek students who not only excel academically but also demonstrate a genuine passion for the field. Meeting the admission requirements is just the first step in the process; applicants must also convey their dedication to becoming compassionate and competent nurses. This holistic evaluation ensures that the accepted students are well-equipped to thrive in the demanding nursing program and make a positive impact in the healthcare industry.

Comprehensive Admission Requirements for the Nursing Program

Academic Prerequisites

Prerequisites for the Cal State Long Beach Nursing Program are rigorous and demanding. Prospective students must have completed specific coursework in subjects such as biology, chemistry, and anatomy. The program typically requires a minimum GPA in these prerequisite courses to be considered for admission.

In addition to these science-focused courses, applicants must have completed general education requirements including English composition, mathematics, and social sciences. Meeting these academic prerequisites ensures that students have a strong foundation for the challenging nursing curriculum ahead.

Testing Requirements

Testing plays a crucial role in the admission process for the Cal State Long Beach Nursing Program. Prospective students are required to take the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) exam to demonstrate their aptitude for the program. The TEAS exam evaluates students in various areas such as math, science, English, and reading comprehension.

It is important for applicants to prepare thoroughly for the TEAS exam to achieve a competitive score. Strong performance on this test can significantly enhance an applicant’s chances of being accepted into the program.

It is recommended that students dedicate sufficient time and resources to adequately prepare for the TEAS exam. A high score can distinguish an applicant from the pool of candidates and showcase their academic readiness for the demanding Nursing Program at Cal State Long Beach.

Supplemental Application Materials

Academic excellence is not the only criteria considered for admission into the Cal State Long Beach Nursing Program. Applicants are also required to submit supplemental materials such as letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and proof of relevant work experience in the healthcare field. These materials provide a well-rounded view of the candidate’s capabilities and dedication to a career in nursing.

With a holistic approach to the application process, Cal State Long Beach ensures that prospective students possess not only the academic aptitude but also the personal qualities that make a successful nurse. These supplemental materials allow applicants to demonstrate their passion for nursing and their commitment to the profession.

Health and Background Checks

Proficiency in passing health and background checks is mandatory for admission into the Nursing Program at Cal State Long Beach. Students must undergo physical examinations to ensure that they are in good health and able to meet the demands of the rigorous program. Background checks are conducted to verify the integrity and suitability of applicants to work in healthcare settings.

Requirements for health and background checks are in place to maintain the high standards of the nursing profession and to protect the well-being of patients under the care of future nurses. Compliance with these checks is essential for admission into the program and eventual licensure as a registered nurse.

Cal State Long Beach Nursing Acceptance Rate

Special Programs and Tracks within the Nursing Major

For more information on the acceptance rate of the CSULB School of Nursing BSN program, please visit CSULB School of Nursing BSN acceptance rate is 6.69%. It is crucial for aspiring nurses to explore the various special programs and tracks offered within the nursing major at Cal State Long Beach to determine the best fit for their career goals.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Traditional and Accelerated)

For individuals looking to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Cal State Long Beach offers both traditional four-year programs and accelerated options for those with prior healthcare experience or a Bachelor’s degree in another field. The traditional BSN program is designed for students entering from high school or those switching careers, providing a comprehensive foundation in nursing theory and clinical practice.

Alternatively, the accelerated BSN track caters to individuals who hold a non-nursing Bachelor’s degree and are seeking a faster route to become a registered nurse. This intensive program allows students to build on their existing skills and knowledge, preparing them for a successful transition into the nursing profession.

RN to BSN Program


Within the RN to BSN program at Cal State Long Beach, registered nurses have the opportunity to further their education and advance their careers by completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This program is designed to accommodate the unique needs of working nurses, offering flexible scheduling options and online coursework to help students balance their professional and academic responsibilities.

Master of Science in Nursing


Cal State Long Beach also provides a Master of Science in Nursing program for individuals looking to expand their skills and expertise in specialized areas of nursing practice. This advanced program offers concentrations in areas such as nurse leadership, nurse education, and nurse practitioner roles, allowing students to tailor their education to align with their career aspirations.


Doctor of Nursing Practice



Tips for a Successful Application

Now that you’ve decided to apply to Cal State Long Beach’s Nursing Program, it’s essential to ensure your application stands out among the competitive pool of candidates. Here are some tips to help you craft a successful application:

  • Begin by thoroughly reading and understanding the admission requirements outlined by the university.
  • Take the time to carefully review your application before submitting to ensure all information is accurate and complete.
  • Highlight your relevant experience and accomplishments in the field of nursing through your personal statement and letters of recommendation.
  • Showcase your passion for the nursing profession and your commitment to serving others through volunteer work and extracurricular activities.

Knowing what the admissions committee is looking for can greatly increase your chances of being accepted into the program.

Strategies for Standing Out

To make your application stand out, consider showcasing unique experiences or perspectives that set you apart from other applicants. Highlight any specialized skills or training you possess that would be valuable in a nursing program. Additionally, demonstrate your dedication to the field by discussing any research projects, internships, or relevant coursework you have completed.

When it comes to letters of recommendation, choose individuals who can speak to your strengths and suitability for a nursing program. Provide them with specific examples of your accomplishments and contributions to help them write compelling letters on your behalf.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Application mistakes can be costly and may jeopardize your chances of acceptance into the program. Avoid common pitfalls such as missing deadlines, submitting incomplete applications, or providing inaccurate information. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully and double-check your application to ensure it meets all requirements.

Plus, remember that the admissions committee is looking for candidates who not only meet the academic criteria but also demonstrate a genuine passion for nursing and a strong commitment to the profession.

Financial Aid and Scholarships for Nursing Students

Your journey towards becoming a nurse at Cal State Long Beach may come with financial challenges, but there are ways to alleviate the burden. To assist you in your pursuit, consider exploring financial aid options and scholarships. For a detailed list of the best nursing schools in California for 2023, check out Best Nursing Schools in California 2023 | With Acceptance Rates.

University-Based Scholarships and Grants

Any student pursuing a nursing degree at Cal State Long Beach should first explore the university’s internal scholarship and grant opportunities. These financial aids are specifically tailored to support students within the institution. Scholarships may be based on academic merit, financial need, or specific criteria set by the nursing department. By applying for these scholarships, you could significantly reduce the financial burden of your education.

External Funding Opportunities

An essential avenue for securing financial assistance is through external funding opportunities. Many organizations, foundations, and agencies offer scholarships and grants to nursing students. These opportunities are often competitive, requiring applicants to meet specific criteria, such as maintaining a minimum GPA or pursuing a particular specialization within nursing. It is advisable to research and apply for as many external funding sources as possible to increase your chances of receiving financial aid.

Grants for nursing students can come from federal or state governments, private organizations, or the university itself. They are typically awarded based on financial need, academic performance, or specific criteria set by the grant provider. If you are eligible for grants, they can significantly reduce the amount you need to borrow for your nursing education.

Work-Study Programs and Part-Time Employment

Any nursing student looking to gain valuable work experience while studying can explore work-study programs and part-time employment opportunities. These programs allow students to work on campus or in related healthcare settings while pursuing their degree. By participating in work-study programs or securing part-time jobs, you can not only earn an income but also gain relevant experience that will enhance your future nursing career.

External funding sources may also include work-study programs that provide financial aid through part-time employment opportunities. These programs allow students to earn money while gaining valuable experience in the field of nursing. By participating in work-study programs, you can alleviate some of the financial burden of your nursing education while building a strong foundation for your future career.


Drawing together the information on Cal State Long Beach’s nursing acceptance rate and admission requirements, it is clear that the university holds high standards for its nursing program. With a competitive acceptance rate, potential applicants should focus on maintaining a strong GPA, completing the necessary prerequisite courses, and gaining relevant healthcare experience to increase their chances of acceptance.

Additionally, meeting the rigorous admission requirements, such as submitting a complete application and letters of recommendation, is crucial for success in gaining admission to the esteemed nursing program at Cal State Long Beach. Overall, with dedication, hard work, and a strong application, aspiring nurses have the opportunity to become part of the esteemed nursing program at Cal State Long Beach.

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