Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship in Hungary 2022


Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship is granted yearly by the Hungarian government for foreign students who desire to pursue their education in a Bachelor, Master, one-tier, or Ph.D. study program, in any academic institution in Hungary for free with the inclusion of the University of Debrecen.

The University of Debrecen (UD) is the first institution of higher education in Hungary, and it was established in 1538. It was initially known as the Calvinist College of Debrecen.

The UD is a state-owned research university and one of the biggest institutions of higher learning in Hungary with 14 faculties, 7 campuses, over 500 research labs, and around 28,000 students of which 5,600 are foreign students who profit from a first-class education system at the university.

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Information:

  • Host country: Hungary.
  • Host University: University of Debrecen.
  • Study Level: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Worth: Fully funded.
  • Eligible Countries: International.
  • Application closing date: The application commences from November 2021 and ends January 15th, 2022.

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship coverage:

The Hungarian government offers the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship award for foreign students. Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship comprises:

  • Free tuition for the whole duration of program.
  • Monthly stipend for candidates of Bachelor, Master or PhD program.
  • Contribution to accommodation
  • Free medical insurance for the whole length of a BSc, MSc or PhD program.

With the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship award, you can study at the University of Debrecen without cost.

Programs covered by the scholarship:

The University of Debrecen Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship award is applicable to 9 fields of study, comprising Agriculture, Engineering, Computing, Health Sciences, Medicine, Humanities, and Sciences. The eligible programs vary per country.

Eligibility for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship

  • Candidate can only apply from a qualified sending partner and his/her citizenship cannot be different from the sending nation.
  • Candidates under 18 years old are not qualified to apply.
  • Candidate can submit application for up to two study programs in order of preference and the programs can both be at the same host institution or a different one.
  • Candidates are required to satisfy the minimum language proficiency conditions set by the University of Debrecen.

Selection procedure:

First: nomination of Sending Partner:

The Sending Partner pre-chooses the tendered applications and forwards a nomination and a reserve list to TPF.

Second: the institutional evaluation:

  • Tempus sends the nominated applications to the University of Debrecen
  • The University of Debrecen carries out the formal check and notifies the formally correct candidates about the information (date and method) of the entrance exam/interview. 
  • The university sends the result of the entrance process to TPF.

Third: decision about the scholarship award:

The Board of Trustees of TPF grants the scholarship award and notifies the candidates about the result.

How to Apply for Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship

Candidates are required to first submit their applications to Tempus Public Foundation via the online application system of TPF. They will have to attach the needed credentials including motivation letter, school certificates, proof of English proficiency, transcripts, medical certificate, copy of identifications papers, acceptance of statement for application in the online system and any other needed documents depending on field of study they are submitting application for.

The application must be submitted prior to 15 January 2022– 23:59 (Central European Time), to the authority in charge of the sending partner whom they have to get in touch with, in order to enquire about the exact processes of application, and also the applications closing date and the required documents.

  • Before you submit your application, you should go through the current Call for Application carefully (,
  • In case you are interested, get in touch with the sending partner in your nation;
  • With the assistance of the application guide, submit all the needed application documents to the online application system of Tempus Public Foundation (TPF). The application platform becomes accessible at the start of November 2021.
  • Select the University of Debrecen
  • You are permitted to submit applications for two programs. 

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