Pulitzer Center Global Reporting Grants in USA 2021


Pulitzer Center in the United States is welcoming applications for the Pulitzer Center Global Reporting Grants for ad hoc and staff journalists and also assignment editors in 2021.

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting teams up with individual journalists and news establishments to support comprehensive, high-impact reporting on issues of global importance, comprising investigations of systemic problems that are often ignored by mainstream U.S. media. They require news establishments to pay journalists for their work, although in special cases, they may consider allowances to pay for a reporter’s time.

Worth of Pulitzer Center Global Reporting Grants

  • Awards provide reporting expenses and are on the basis of reasonable, detailed budgets.
  • Most grants for foreign travel are between $5,000 and $10,000 but may be more or less based on situations.
  • They expect news outlets to pay journalists for their work, although in special circumstances, they may consider allowances to pay for a reporter’s time.

Eligibility for Pulitzer Center Global Reporting Grants

The underlisted are the eligibility conditions for the Pulitzer Center Global Reporting Grants;

  • Grants are obtainable to reporters, radio/audio journalists, photographers, TV/video journalists, and documentary producers.
  • They are devoted to assisting journalists from diverse backgrounds and of all citizenships.
  • They sponsor projects across all media channels and inspire ambitious, prize-worthy proposals that merge print, audio, photography, and/or video for one or more news platforms.
  • The most successful projects are those in which news platforms match their devotion by adding interactive or multimedia features to improve and present their original reporting.

How to Apply for Pulitzer Center Global Reporting Grants

Applications comprise the following:

  • An explanation of the planned project, comprising a distribution plan, in no more than 250 words
  • An initial budget estimate, comprising a basic breakdown of expenses.
  • Travel award cover hard expenses linked with the reporting; please do not add stipends for the candidates. Fixer/translator/driver fees are allowed.
  • Three examples of issued work, either print or broadcast.
  • Three professional references. These can be either contact details or recommendation letters. The latter is encouraged when letters from interested producers or editors are obtainable.
  • A copy of your resume.

Applications for Pulitzer Center Global Reporting Grants may also comprise a more detailed explanation of the project but this will be reviewed as an optional addition only. The most crucial part of the application is the 250-word summary.

Candidates have to include in their proposal letters of commitment from news channels with substantial reach to publish or broadcast their work, and they look kindly on applications for reporting that will feature in multiple outlets. There is no closing date for applications; awards are granted on a rolling basis.

Additional Information for Prospective Applicants

Payment: On accepted projects, half of the award amount is usually paid just prior to travel and the rest on submission of the main material for publication or broadcast. Particular grant terms are discussed during the application procedure.

Safety: If your project proposal entails reporting in an unfriendly or dangerous setting, they require that you and your broadcasting outlets stick strictly to the ACOS Alliance principles stated here. If you intend to report from conflict zones or hostile settings, you should have a firm assignment from a news establishment that agrees to take on complete responsibility for your well-being.

Advisory to New Candidates: They currently are giving priority COVID-19 projects and also other projects that can be concluded in the near term without much traveling. Given the strict travel restrictions in place, please refrain from submitting proposals unless you possess a high degree of confidence that the project field work can be concluded relatively soon and without putting your safety at risk and the safety of others. Your understanding is appreciated and stay safe!

Deadline: Applications are ongoing

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