Orange Knowledge Program in Netherlands 2023

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The Orange Knowledge Program handed by the Netherlands Government is available for transnational learners( scholars) to seek master’s degree programs or brief courses in the Netherlands for the 2023- 2024 academic times. Orange Knowledge Program pursues to grease the capacity, information, and prosecution growth of both crowds and institutions in the field of advanced education and vocational education as well as in fresh fields identified to the abecedarian subjects in the program countries.

As a recent program under the name Orange Knowledge Program( OKP), the Netherlands Fellowship Programs( NFP) joined a fresh stage on the 1st of July 2017. OKP is instigated by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is completely sponsored.

Deadline date: on the 24th of March/ June 30th/ October 13th, 2023

Institution( s) Several Universities in the Netherlands

Level of Study: Masters/ Short Courses

Study in: the Netherlands

Courses Offered

All courses that are accessible for an Orange Knowledge Program education for this application round are enumerated in Studyfinder.

Please keep in mind that there are emphasis areas for each nation consequently, which are taken into consideration when education enrollments are decided and assessed. operations that fall in the emphasis aspects for a certain country are offered significance Country concentrate validate Orange Knowledge Program.

Program Duration

Short-time courses( duration of 2 weeks to one year).

Master’s programmers( period of a year to 2 years)

Advantages Orange Knowledge Program

The Orange Knowledge Program 2023 scholarships are completely sponsored.

Eligibility for Orange Knowledge Program

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To be good for The Orange Knowledge Program 2023, these details should be put into consideration;

  • Obligatory Languages: English
  • Qualified Countries: The educational candidate’s race and residence and working in one of the countries on the OKP Country list( check out the document Country List for short courses and Masters)
  • Orange Knowledge Program recipients work for one of the following types of civil or parochial institutions ministries, secondary or advanced vocational or academic education associations, the private sector, institutes, commissions, or Non-Governmental Associations.
  • Orange Knowledge Program may not serve a bilateral or multinational institution, a non-governmental institution that’s internationally involved and is attached to depicting social lodestones, similar to development cooperation, environmental protection, mama nature, well-being, or human rights.
  • The educational candidate is a professional who, in light of his or her( 1) position,( 2) multitudinous times of germane work knowledge, and( 3) networks in a theme material to parochial development, is in a position or through his or her employer could be placed in a position to apply what he she has comprehended( learned) in practice.
  • The educational recipients have a legal( lawful) individuality( identity) document.
  • The scholarship recipient has been admitted for the educational course or educational program for which he or she hopes for an OKP education.
  • The scholarship students have to give a government protestation (statement) with the education operation if this is ordered by the parochial( original) government( see the document government statement prerequisite).
  • The scholarship scholar exhibits that the requested co-funding rate is available to finance the study.
  • The employer of the education philanthropist supports the education operation through a favorable reference, declares that it’ll continue to expand the pay allowance of the scholarship beneficiary (devisee) at the period of the program, and after his or her return will offer the education heir an occasion to apply what he or she has learned in practice.

 Procedures on How to Apply for Orange Knowledge Program

Kindly visit the official website link handed at the end. nonetheless, there is a pivotal way for yourself via The Orange Knowledge Program 2023

  • Look for a course or master’s Program that’s suitable for the education. You can check out the suitable courses at, specified in the hunt norms ‘ OKP good Yes ’.
  • Communicate to the Dutch advanced education institution that’s doing the course for details on
  • the course content.
  • the scholarship application and selection method of the program Deadline date( ending dates can vary per Dutch institution).
  • the education operation and selection styles.
  • the online operation form and the requested operation documents and accouterments (materials).
  • Get prepared your application and the financing documents, With your online application, you’ll be requested to upload
  • Valid passport copy
  • An up-to-date statement from your employer. and topic to your nation of job.
  • A government declaration(statement)
  • Present your online registration through the Dutch organization rending the program.

To find out further information about Orange Knowledge Program 2023, kindly  check Official Website;

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1. What is Orange Knowledge Programme?

The Orange Knowledge Programme offers Dutch education organizations the privilege to provide scholarships to mid-career professionals from qualified countries, to study in the Netherlands.

2. How competitive is Orange Knowledge Programme?

Kindly comprehend that the OKP Fellowship is highly competitive, and usually, a large percentage of applicants who meets the profile is, unfortunately, not chosen for the fellowship.


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The Orange Knowledge Program aspires to advance the evolvement of the capability, knowledge, and quality of both individuals as well as institutions, both in the area of higher and vocational education and in other profession to the priority themes in the programme countries. Why don’t you grab this opportunity and be among their beneficiaries as a lot of benefits await you?

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