Top 15 Engineering Scholarships in the UK 2023-2024


There are several fully sponsored scholarships, as well as partisan scholarships accessible for foreign
learners dreaming of studying in the United Kingdom. The subsequent collection is particularly
some leading engineering scholarships in the United Kingdom presently accessible for
transnational learners.

Studying in the United Kingdom as an engineering learner can be exceptionally expensive for
multinational learners arriving from middle and low-earning nations and so there is a
requirement for most of these learners to source for and accept Engineering scholarships in the
United Kingdom to be qualified to meet up with the economic responsibility of registering in their
selected profession.

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Engineering Scholarships in the United Kingdom Sponsored by Government/Institutions:

1. Institution of Mechanical Engineers Awards and Scholarships

This scholarship is accessible to mechanical engineering learners in the United Kingdom with
incredible educational certifications. The scholarship offers up to a sum of £9,000 for master’s
learners and a sum of £2,000 each year for up to four years of undergraduate studies.

The scholarship is accessible to all learners in the United Kingdom who will commence a
mechanical engineering grade by autumn. There are several scholarships by the Organization
of Mechanical Engineers comprising the IMechE Undergraduate Scholarship, First Year
Undergraduate Scholarship, and The Whitworth Scholarship.

2. Quest Scholarships

These scholarships offer up to seven annual scholarships for learners registered in their first
year of a JBM-accredited full-time civil engineering degree course in the United Kingdom. The
scholarship is worth the sum of £8,000 plus early connections to possible employers. Several
such scholarships are varying from Undergraduate Scholarship, Technician Scholarship, Eloise
Plunkett Award, Travel Award, Kenneth Watson Travel Award, and Proceeding with Education Award.

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3.British Cheevening Scholarships

Chevening is the United Kingdom Government scholarship and fellowships that allow prospective managers to study in the United Kingdom regardless of their areas of attempt.
Chevening scholarships are awarded to exceptional learners with incredible administrative
potential to study for a postgraduate (master’s) degree at any college in the United Kingdom.
Candidates pursuing Engineering scholarships in the United Kingdom can apply for the
Chevening scholarship.

4. Royal Academy of Engineering Awards

The Royal Academy of Engineering is dedicated to improving the engineering aptitude pipelines
and offers eligible allocation and sponsorship for learners to proceed with their academic
improvement and development. These scholarships comprise Amazon Future Engineer Bursary
Programme, Engineering Leaders Scholarships, Sainsbury Management Fellowships, Lord
Bhattacharyya Higher Education Bursaries, and Graduate Engineering Engagement Programme.

5. Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

The Pupils registered scholarship ships offer back pupils registered for their A-levels Scottish
Highers or its equivalent qualifications. Candidates have to illustrate a powerful longing to seek
a way as a leader within the Engineering discipline to be suitable for the award. Nonetheless,
learners for Arkwright partnership schools are qualified to apply for this scholarship.

6. The Engineers Trust

The Trusts sponsor schooling through institutions that have inaugurated strategies and may
offer an allowance of up to the sum of £2,000 to learners embarking on their Sixth Form studies
as a straightforward lead into higher engineering studies.

7. Ford Scholarship Programme

Ford offers up to a sum of £10,000 to each learner over three years for 100 undergraduates on
a designation of engineering, manufacturing technology, and science courses at ultimate
colleges in the United Kingdom such as Bath, Bradford, Cardiff, Imperial College London,
Brunel, East Anglia, Loughborough, Nottingham, Southampton, Strathclyde, Surrey, and

8. IET Postgraduate Research Awards

The Organization of Engineering and Technology (IET) grants several rewards of up to a sum of
£10,000 to learners for their postgraduate research activities. Inquisitive candidates are to be
informed that all the awards acknowledge merit and are granted on a competitive basis. The
awards comprise IET Postgraduate Prize, Leslie H. Paddle Scholarship, Hudswell Global
Research Scholarship, and IET Postgraduate Scholarship for a Distinguished Researcher.

9. International Engineering Management Scholarships

The scholarship is domiciled at the University of Manchester and it is for learners applying to
study the administration of projects in Engineering. It is particularly for postgraduate taught
courses offering two full scholarships worth the sum of £27,000 and the sum of £10,000 awards
in the form of a schooling expenditure waiver.

10. Whitworth Scholarship Award

Engineering trainees who desire to study towards an institute degree are the major targets for
the Whitworth Award. It is available to learners who desire to take an undergraduate course
(that is an MEng) or a one-year postgraduate course (that is a Master’s). The program is
likewise an aspect of the innumerable scholarship programs of the Institute of Mechanical

Whitworth pupils will appreciate some or all of the ensuing advantages

  • Full-time study scholarships worth the sum of £9,000 a year for up to four years.
  • Part-time study scholarships worth up to £2,800 annually.
  • 9,000 a year for learners working towards a one-year Master
  • 2,725 a year for learners on a part-time Master’s (generally two years).

University-Financed Engineering Scholarships in the United Kingdom:

11. Imperial College London Electrical and Electronics Engineering Scholarships

The Electrical & Electronics Scholarships at Imperial College are highly competitive and cover
full schooling payment waivers and offer stipends for symposia (conferences) and journeys. The
scholarship is primarily for doctoral (Ph.D.) recipients who are registered in a full-time study
program at Imperial College London.

12. The Siemens Postgraduate Engineering Award

Siemens, a transnational industry leader in confederation with the University of Lincoln, United
Kingdom pursues to formulate the following incoming engineering aptitude in its Postgraduate
Engineering Award which offers full education expenditures for the successful recipients to finish
a one-year taught master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Management, or the
one year Masters in Research Engineering. This is one of the extensively sought-after
Engineering Scholarships in the United Kingdom.

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13. University of Cambridge Engineering Scholarships

The University of Cambridge is understood to host several Engineering scholarships for
transnational learners offering successful recipients the chance to research and study in an
an establishment with a world-class prestige and containing state-of-the-art facilities to improve
research. Some of the Engineering scholarships fund master’s and postgraduate studies and
offer full schooling expenses and monthly stipends to successful candidates.

14. Heriot-Watt University Scholarships

Heriot-Watt University is understood for its backing of women in science, technology,
engineering, and mathematics. The University originated the Women in Science and
Engineering (WISE) Scholarship for girls who desire to seek a profession in Engineering and

15. University of Strathclyde Engineering Excellence Scholarship

University of Strathclyde through the Faculty of Engineering offers scholarships to fresh
self-financed, multinational (non-EU) fee-paying scholars with outstanding educational
certification applying to study Engineering at the University.

How to Apply for Scholarships

When applying for any scholarship, comprising the engineering scholarships enumerated
above, It is crucial that;

  • First, you should have a reflection on embarking on an engineering degree in the United
  • Then, in the procedure, applying to a choice of organization is the first stage to take while you
    inspect for any accessible scholarship programs
  • Asses your qualification for the obtainable scholarship
  • Observe through the application directory for your selected program and present your
    application as expressed in the instructions

Always be certain to obtain all mandated documents prepared before commencing your
application. Such practice can assist you in not making any deletion.


Studying in the United Kingdom as an engineering student can be exceptionally costly for
multinational scholars arriving from middle and low-income countries and so there is a
requirements for most of these pupils to source for and obtain Engineering scholarships in the
United Kingdom to be qualified to meet up with the monetary responsibility of registering in their
selected discipline.


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