Top 10 Scholarships in France for Foreign Students


France has evolved into one of the most across-the-board study destinations for multinational
learners. Nonetheless, study and residence expenses in France Are not constantly inexpensive
(affordable). Although every year tuition payments at public universities are low at a sum of
€200-€600, they could go as high as a sum of €10,000 at private universities. Living expenses
are around € 100,000 a year. Fortunately, several French scholarships for transnational learners
are being provided.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarships

The Eiffel scholarship program was invented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an implement
to permit French higher education establishments to entice promising foreign learners to
master’s and Ph.D. degree programs. Eiffel scholarship holders on Master’s courses accept an
allowance worth the sum of €1,181 and scholarship holders on Ph.D .D courses accept an
allowance worth the sum of €1,400. Furthermore, the program fulfills different expenditures
comprising return trips, health insurance, and cultural activities. Scholarship holders might
likewise be eligible for additional housing allowance. The program does not fill in tuition

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French University Scholarships for International Students

 ENormale Supérieure International Selection

Each year, the ENS arranges a transnational appointment approving about thirty (30) of the
most auspicious multinational learners, either in Science or in Humanities, to pursue a two or
three-year course at the ENS. They accept an allowance every month of the approximate sum of
1,000 Euros for two to three years. Approximately thirty foreign learners are awarded annually.

Ampere Scholarships of Excellence at ENS de Lyon

The ENS de Lyon and its supporters provide scholarships for outstanding transnational learners
registration in its Master’s programs in the Exact Sciences, the Arts, and Human and Social
Sciences (keeping out Professional Masters in teaching) through the Ampere Scholarships of
Excellence. The scholarships cover the sum of €1000/month for a year and are renewable with

Emile Boutmy Scholarships at Sciences Po University

Sciences Po developed the Emile Boutmy Scholarships after the inventor of Sciences Potooto
entice the very promising transnational learners from outside of the European Union who are
applying for a previous advantage from Sciences Po University. The scholarships can take
diverse conditions varying from a sum €5,000 to a sum of €10,000 for 24 months of
postgraduate study or the sum of €3,000 to sum of €12,300 for 36 months of undergraduate

Université Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarships

The Université Paris-Saclay would want to facilitate admission to its master’s
(nationally-certified degree) programs to transnational students, taught in its member
institutions. The scholarship is worth the sum of €10,000 each year and a maximum sum of
€1,000 for travel and visa expenditures is also granted.

Grenoble Institute of Technology Foundation Scholarships

The Grenoble Institute of Technology Foundation sponsors a scholarship program for
multinational scholars who desire to seek a transnational master’s program at Grenoble INP.
The grant amounts to a sum of 5,000 euros for each semester.

INSEAD MBA Scholarships

The INSEAD Scholarships are specified in number and there is an important challenger for each
award. These scholarships are awarded under different standards and fall into two main
categories: need-based and non-need-based (based on excellence, ethnicity, gender,
experienced background, leadership proficiency, the area of prior studies, etc.). The significance
of the scholarship varies from the sum of $5,000 to a sum of $25,000.

HEC Paris MBA Scholarships

HEC Paris provides charitable scholarships to transnational learners from various countries and
backgrounds. HEC scholarships fall into different classifications: merit-based, need-based, or
based on specific standards. The amount of the scholarship differs from a sum of €6,000 to a
sum of €24,000.

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France has become one of the best and most famous study destinations for transnational Scholars. Nevertheless, study and accommodation expenditures in France are not always affordable but there’s no harm in trying, not trying at all is what is not advisable. Apply to any Institution of your choice and get to study for free in the country.


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