Top 10 Scholarships in Belgium for International Students

Unfamiliar to numerous people, there are several scholarship programs in Belgium for
international learners, particularly for learners from developing countries. The Belgian
Government, in its drudgery towards development partnership, provides scholarships to foreign
learners hoping to seek additional studies in Belgium. Belgian Universities incorporated in the
top 100 World Universities have scholarship programs for International learners as well.

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Belgian Government Scholarships for International Students

VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarships

VLIR-UOS awards scholarships to learners from designated developing countries in Asia,
Africa, and Latin America to seek a Training or Master’s Programme associated with development at Universities in Belgium. The scholarships fill in tuition payments, accommodation, allotment, travel expenses, and further program-associated expenditures.

Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarships for International Students

The Government of Flanders undertakes a fresh scholarship program, Master Mind
Scholarships that intend to facilitate the internationalization of Flemish Higher Education. It grants up to thirty-five (35) scholarships to distinguished Master’s learners throughout the planet. The incoming learner is granted a scholarship of a maximum of a sum of 7.500 Euro for each educational year. The Flemish Host Institution can ask the candidates for a tuition payment of a maximum of 100 Euros every year.

Erasmus Mundus Programmes in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation

Study grants are granted for Erasmus Mundus Master’s degrees and doctorate degrees at
Belgian Universities.

Belgian Universities that Provide Scholarships for International Students

Science@Leuven Scholarships for International Students

The Science@Leuven Scholarship is for encouraging and skillful transnational learners, inquisitive in partaking in a transnational master’s program of the Faculty of Science of the K.U.Leuven. The amount of the scholarship can be up to 10,000 euros for one year. The scholarship will always fill in the tuition payment for one year, the insurance, and basic health insurance coverage. The amount granted for occupancy expenditures can differ.


Ghent University Top-up Grants for Developing Countries

Ghent University offers Top-up Grants to recipients from all countries on the OESO-DAC
enumeration, who hope to acquire a master’s degree at Ghent University. The scholarship
includes an allowance of 1,000 euros every month and all-in insurance.

See also the University of Ghent Doctoral Scholarships which awards Ph.D. scholarships to
outstanding Ph.D. learners from developing countries who hope to complete half of their Ph.D. research at Ghent University and half in a university in a developing nation.

Liege Heritage Foundation Scholarships for International Students

Liege University provides scholarships for both EU and non-EU learners who hope to study for a
Master’s Degree or Ph.D. Degree at the University.

Belgian Institution Scholarships for International Students

ARES Scholarships

Annually, the ARES provides an average of 150 master’s scholarships and 70 training
scholarships through courses to residents of developing countries. The scholarship fills in
international travel expenditures, occupancy allowance, tuition payments, insurance,
accommodation allowance, etc.

Belgian American Education Foundation Fellowships

The Belgian American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F.) motivates applications from residents
or permanent citizens of the United States for fellowships for advanced study or research during
one educational year, at a Belgian University or establishment of higher learning. The B.A.E.F.
will grant up to ten fellowships each carrying an allowance of $28,000 for a Master’s or Ph.D.
learners or $32,000 for Post-doctoral Fellows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

  • How to get a full scholarship
  • Know where to scrutinize. …
  • Get ready in advance. …
  • Work hard and keep encouraged. …
  • Make yourself stand out from other candidates.
  • Go over the application instructions cautiously.
  • Present an outstanding scholarship essay or cover letter.
  • Be pragmatic

What is the easiest scholarship to get?

  • Top easy scholarships in 2023
  • $10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship.
  • $2,000 Nitro College Scholarship – No Essay.
  • $25,000 No Essay Scholarship.
  • Thank You Counselors Scholarship.
  • $5,000 Christian Connector Scholarship.
  • Annual Protestant Faith-Based College Scholarship.
  • Annual Catholic College Scholarship

Which country gives fully funded scholarships?

Singapore currently is one of the countries that offer considerate fully funded scholarship
possibilities in all sorts of fields.


There are numerous scholarship program opportunities in Belgium for transnational scholars, most especially for students from developing countries. The Belgian Administration, in its efforts towards development cooperation, offers scholarships to international scholars desiring to pursue additional studies and research in Belgium.

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