Partial Scholarship at Zanzibar University, Tanzania 2023

The Zanzibar University is inviting international students to apply for its Academic scholarships, Athletic scholarships, and scholarships for cultural exchange, and others. The students willing to apply for the scholarship awards are advised to go through the Eligibility Criteria before going ahead with the application.
Founded in 1998, Zanzibar University, Tanzania is a private university. The university is funded by an Islamic organization in Ontario, Canada; Darul Iman Charitable Association.
About Zanzibar University scholarship
• Scholarship ends: December 31, 2022
• Host country: Tanzania
• Scholarship sponsor: Zanzibar University
• Programme: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, Undergraduate, Postgraduate
• Scholarship type: Partial Scholarships
Benefits Zanzibar University scholarship
Zanzibar University grants different scholarship awards, so, it’s important to know the these awards. However, most of the awards are need-based and merit-based. The former is granted based financial need while the latter is granted based on academic record. Students also have chance to receive scholarship awards via leadership roles and community service.
Scholarships and Grants Board of Trustees (SGBT) at the university will assess all the submitted scholarship applications and conclude on how the scholarship awards will be offered to only the deserving students.
Eligibility Criteria
• Ensure that your GPA meets the requirement. The scholarship award are for students with exceptional grades.
• Take into consideration all your extracurricular achievements and activities. There are lots of scholarship awards for students who prove unique community involvement.
• Send as many as possible applications. Reason is, some scholarship awards are granted based on a first-come, first-served.
Application requirements
• Your valid passport or national ID card with a photograph
• An evidence of full financial support (like a Letter of Offer from the institution or International Student Scholarship Certificate)
• Copy of academic transcript (or equivalent)
 • Two letters of recommendation
 • If your official document is not written or typed in English, translate it in English for clarification

Application link: 

The applicants are awarded the scholarship awards based on merit and financial need. If you’re not applying based on the former, you may apply based on the latter.


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