IT jobs in New Zealand – Best Guide 2023

Are you an IT person interested in all that has to do with IT jobs in New Zealand? This article has all that you need to know.

In New Zealand, IT-specific specialties are currently in high demand. The directions vary, including business analytics, 3D design, technical support, networks and system administration, and programming and application development.

Project management and Internet marketing are expanding. Most of these professions require a bachelor’s degree and three years of work experience following the receipt of a diploma to be satisfied. 

One must realize that landing a job in New Zealand is not so simple without prior employment there. You need recommendations and good English. Your job placement will unquestionably benefit from your involvement in international projects and work experience with foreign businesses. 

Finding a job remotely is extremely challenging because most employers prefer to meet candidates in person and require that you have a working visa on file. There are thus two ways to improve your chances of finding employment.

IT jobs in New Zealand

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How Foreigners Can Find Employment in New Zealand 

When thinking about how to get a job in New Zealand as a foreigner, it’s critical to know what kind of visa you wish to obtain. This will determine your eligible benefits and the best course of action for searching for employment. 

Nevertheless, bear in mind that securing employment in New Zealand is the first stage of your relocation process since you normally need a job offer to submit a visa application. 

If you know where to look, you can find employment opportunities in New Zealand for foreigners. To begin with, there are specific websites that link overseas workers with employers in New Zealand. 

If you are just beginning your research, this is a good place to start because these employers are frequently seasoned and willing to hire foreign labor. Start by going to one of the following websites: 

  • Workhere
  • Working In

Additionally, you can submit your resume to the New Kiwis website, an online service that links skilled immigrants with employers in New Zealand. 

Foreign nationals who want to begin working in New Zealand have other options. Remember that not every employer may be willing to hire employees from abroad. Start by browsing the most well-known general job search websites for openings in your area. This is one of the best ways for foreigners to find employment in New Zealand. Which are: 

  • TradeMe
  • Seek

There are numerous websites for New Zealand’s various industries, including IT, engineering, tourism, law, and many others. On the official government website, you can find a comprehensive list of websites for job searching (organized by industry). 

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Getting a Job in New Zealand: How to Apply 

You can confidently start applying for jobs once you know where to begin your search. Make sure to continue reading to learn about the country-style CV, cover letter advice, and prerequisites for applying to jobs in New Zealand. 

What should your resume contain? 

You can use either a work-focused CV or one skills-focused successfully in New Zealand. First-time job seekers or workers changing careers are advised to use the first, while those with significant work experience or those looking to advance in their careers should use the second. 

Whichever option you select, be sure your CV contains the following: 

  • Name and contact information. 
  • personal and professional abilities 
  • experience working, volunteering, and in the community 
  • education and experience 
  • References (you can include contact details of the referees or note that referees are available upon request) (you can include contact details of the referees or note that referees are available upon request)

The following can be included but are not required: 

  • an objective and personal statement
  • achievements
  • interests

What you should not include is as follows: 

  • images or pictures 
  • Birthdate or age
  • marital status, religion, and information about a bank account, 
  • unrelated work history or interests 

Is a Cover Letter Necessary?

You should include a cover letter with your resume as a pitch for why you should be hired for the position. Your introduction should be the first paragraph of the letter, followed by discussing your qualifications for the job and your skills, experience, and background. Just one page, please. Never sound too arrogant in your writing; keep it formal and persuasive. 

Please remember to bring your credentials with you to New Zealand. You can obtain certified copies of these from a Justice of the Peace (JP) if necessary. 

Do You Qualify for Employment in New Zealand? 

To work in the nation, you must fulfill certain requirements. You must either have a work visa that enables you to enter the country and respect the conditions imposed on that visa type, or you must be a citizen of New Zealand or Australia (including people born in the Cook Islands, Niue, or Tokelau). To qualify for such a visa in the first place, you must have fulfilled the conditions for employment in the nation. 

It is important to remember that it is the employer’s responsibility to confirm that an employee can work for them legally. 

Tips for New Zealand Interviews 

  • Expect job interviews to be informal because New Zealanders are. 
  • There may be one recruiter, two, three, or even four people conducting the interview. 
  • The majority of job interviews are behavioral. In order to show how you would respond to a particular challenge, you will frequently be asked about specific instances from your prior work experiences. 
  • When describing your abilities and experience, be sure to sound confident rather than haughty or conceited. 
  • Be courteous and professional in your speech and demeanor. 

Tips for Networking in New Zealand 

In New Zealand, networking is crucial because some 70% or 80% of job openings may never even reach the advertising stage. It’s crucial to be in settings where you can network with other businesspeople in your field and to look for chances to introduce yourself when you attend such gatherings. 

In the biggest cities, networking opportunities are easy to come by. Service clubs are another option; they don’t focus on networking but may offer worthwhile chances to network with other professionals in your neighborhood.

How much does an IT job pay in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the national average salary for an information technology professional is $70,000. To view salaries for information technology in your area, filter by location. Salary projections are based on 19 salaries submitted by anonymous Information Technology employees to Glassdoor.

Best Places to Work in New Zealand for IT Professionals?

1. Christchurch

2. Wellington

3. Auckland

4. Hamilton

5. Tauranga

6. Dunedin

7. Palmerston North

8. New Plymouth

9. Rotorua

10. Whangarei

IT jobs in New Zealand

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Top 10 IT Companies in New Zealand

Datacom Group 

Datacom Group is one of the top companies in information technology. The company’s main office is in Wellington, New Zealand. They offer their customers a wide range of services, including cloud computing, IT consulting, creating unique software, payroll services, and more. 

Datacom Group purchased Origen Technology Ltd., a software company with offices in Tauranga, in 2014. They provide software solutions in 23 different countries all over the world. The Datacom Group won the 2013 award for best reputation and completed the largest SAP migration ever to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The Microsoft Cloud Enterprise Award.


XERO is a cloud-based software development company with its main office in Wellington. It provides small and medium businesses with services like cloud computing, accounting software, IT consulting, and payroll services. 

The XERO company debuted its first mobile apps in 2011 for iOS and Android devices, simultaneously offering its services in 180 nations. In August 2020, the XERO company purchased Waddle, an Australian financing company. In 2018, it also won the most prestigious award for “Accounting Excellence Software.”


Intergen offers information technology and services. Wellington, Auckland, is where the headquarters are located. It offers its clients a wide range of services, including mobile app development, cloud migration, ERP applications, Azure DevOps, and IT consulting. 2019 saw Intergen earn the “Microsoft Partner Award” with success. In all three countries, Intergen offers a broad range of solutions. Additionally, they have supported organizations in various fields, including finance, healthcare, and retail.

Vista Group Limited 

Vista Group Limited develops software for the film industry. The company’s main office is in Auckland, New Zealand. It focuses on creating and designing cinema management software for the film industry. They provide a range of services, including cloud-based software, software for movie distribution, and business intelligence solutions. Services from this Vista Group are offered in 80 different nations. 

Assurity Consulting 

Software technology and digital consulting firm Assurity Consulting is based in Wellington, New Zealand. They provide services like agile DevOps, software testing, digital transformation, ERP software, and others. Assurity Consulting purchased the Clarus IT company in Christchurch in 2012. They offer reliable and scalable solutions in all 50 countries, and in march 2016, they were honored with the title of “professional service firm of the year.”


Tradify is an IT consulting and cloud-based software provider. The company’s main office is in Auckland, New Zealand. It provides various solutions to its customers, including software for trading businesses, job management, and software development. Fifty-four nations around the world use the Tradify job tracking software.

Vend software

Vend software is an online retailer management company. The company’s main office is in Auckland, New Zealand. They provide a variety of goods and services, such as retail management, web-based software, and e-commerce services. Vend Software has released the iOS APP known as Vend Register. In 140 countries, it simultaneously offers the best software & retail solutions available. 


Fronde is an Information technology and services provider based in Wellington, New Zealand. They offer technical services, including software development, cloud computing, business consulting, and IT consulting. Online One, a provider of internet software & services, was purchased by the Fronde Systems Group in 2013.

Jade Software

Jade Software is a software development company. Christchurch, New Zealand, is where the headquarters are located. It aims to provide services like software development, risk management, DevOps, digital consulting, and mobile app development. It bought Methodware, the biggest risk management company, in 2007. In 80 different countries, they provide an extensive range of solutions and services. 


Lexel provides information technology and services. The company’s main office is in Auckland, New Zealand. Numerous services, including cloud computing, digital transformation, business consulting, network & ERP solutions, hybrid IT, and others, are provided to their clients. It provides digital solutions in 65 different nations around the world. 


Moving forward. Information and communication technology professionals are in high demand around the country. The New Zealand IT industry is thriving and well-known internationally for being innovative, varied, and forward-thinking.

According to the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment, the ICT sector has the most unfilled business positions. These positions are currently more difficult to fill than any other area.

If you are an IT expert, there has never been a better moment to start arranging your transfer to New Zealand. Opportunities are there and waiting for you. Now is the time to have everything in order so you can start a new life and position in your new country immediately.

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