Horatio Alger Scholarship 2023 USA


Seek your studies in the USA. Satisfactory information! The Horatio Alger Scholarship is
presently available. Here in this article, we will elucidate in detail this scholarship, its
advantages, and the phase-by-the-phase application procedure.

Horatio Alger Scholarship 2023-2024 is a fully financed undergraduate scholarship for American
learners. This scholarship offers the sum of $25,000. It is granted to one hundred and six (106)
recipients ready to be admitted into a college in the United States of America.

As one of the country’s biggest college financial assistance programs in the country, the Horatio
Alger National Scholarship Program is one of the main scholarship programs nationally that
particularly assists high school learners who have encountered and overcome terrific
obstructions in their youthful lives. The scholarships are financed by Horatio Alger Members
who, like the Candidates, have encountered challenges but eventually overpowered them to
become successful business and civic leaders.

The National Scholarship is granted to qualified learners in all fifty (5) states, the District of
Columbia, and Puerto Rico. National Scholars receive an all-expenses paid trip to Washington,
D.C., during the spring of their senior year, to take part in the National Scholars Conference.
Candidates have to attend the National Scholars Conference to accept the award.

The Horatio Alger Scholarship application will be available on August 1st and ends on October
25th. The Horatio Alger Scholarship application is a typical (common) application that signifies
that you apply once and you will be assessed for the range of scholarship programs provided by
the Association. To be assessed, your application and all mandatory materials must be
uploaded to your online application by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on October 25th.

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Scholarship Succinct Description

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate
  • Institution(s): American Colleges
  • Study country: United States of America
  • Application Closing Date: 15th of March, 2023

Scholarship Coverage

Horatio Alger Scholarship supplies the candidates with:

  • Grant of a sum of $25,000 to 106 students for four years of undergraduate studies at any
    college in the USA.

Eligibility Criteria for Horatio Alger Scholarship

To be eligible for Horatio Alger Scholarship, the applicant have to complete all of the subsequent
prerequisites below:

  • Mandated Language: English
  • Qualified Countries: United States of America
  • Be registered full-time as a high school senior in the United States; be advancing generally
    toward graduation in the spring and summer of 2020 with strategies to be admitted to a college
    in the United States no later than the fall following graduation.
  • Display a substantial devotion to seeking and achieving a bachelor’s degree at an accredited
    a non-profit public or private institution in the United States (scholars may commence their studies
    at a two-year institution and then move to a four-year institution).
  • Demonstrate essential economic requirements (sum of a $55,000 or minimum modified
    (adjusted) gross family earnings are needed).
  • Be had to do with co-curricular and community service activities.
  • Exhibit innocence and persistence in overpowering adversity
  • Keep a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0.
  • Be a domicile United States resident

How to Apply for a Horatio Alger Scholarship?

Please follow the following teachings (instructions) to apply for Horatio Alger Scholarship:


To understand more about Horatio Alger Scholarship, please visit the official website:

Official Website

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get a Horatio Alger scholarship?

Have finished high school (or attained a high school equality credential) Have at least half of
your program remaining, with a graduation date no earlier than May 2023. Cannot be putting up
with required courses and have to be registered in your program. Must be registered full-time by
Fall 2022 to be qualified.

How many people get the Horatio Alger State scholarship?

One hundred and six (106) learners
The Association grants over thousand five hundred (1,500) learners in every state, Puerto
Rico, and the District of Columbia. The National Scholarship program is granted to 106 students
every year for $25,000.

How much is Horatio Alger’s scholarship?

105 scholarships at $25,000 each
The National Scholarship is granted to qualified learners in all fifty (50) states and the District of
Columbia. National Scholars obtain an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C., during the
spring of their senior year to partake in the National Scholars Conference.


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Horatio Alger is one of the country’s largest institution economic aid programs in the country, and one of the major scholarship programs nationally that specifically sponsor high school applicants who have encountered and overcome terrific situations in their youthful lives. And among other benefits is that its a lovely place to be.


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