Go City 2023 UK Scholarship Competition | Win £3,000


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Application Closing Date: 30th of April, 2023

Go City United Kingdom Scholarship Competition

Scholarship type: Postgraduate

Institution: Go City

Country of Study: United Kingdom

Course to Study: Not Stipulated

Gender: Men and Women

Purpose and Advantages of Go City United Kingdom Scholarship Competition

The winner of the United Kingdom Go City Education Scholarship will accept:

  • An A10-pass stipend for you (including your friends and family) to explore your favorite city’s
    adequate attractions and knowledge. Decide on your favorite city on our website.
  • A one-time award of the sum of £3,000?to put toward books, expenditures, and any additional
    study requirements. The winner will have the funding transferred immediately to their account.?

Combine and match ten of the subsequent pass types:

  1. The All-Inclusive Pass (with this pass you can visit as numerous interests as you hope over two
  2. The Explorer Pass (with this pass you can select three interests to visit, and you’ll have 60 days
    to look in on them!).

Prerequisites for Go City United Kingdom Scholarship Competition Eligibility

To be eligible for this scholarship:

  • Do you have to be? registered at a United Kingdom university
    Either be a domicile of a new British resident, permanent citizen or presently studying in the
    United. Kingdom on a student visa.
  • Just one submission for each candidate will be acknowledged.

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Interview date, Procedures, and Venue for Go City United Kingdom Scholarship Competition

The winner will be discerned by a candidate’s qualification under the scholarship prerequisites
and the resilience of a candidate’s admission as specified by the choosing committee.

Go City maintains the right to use the name of the successful candidate to appear on the website.

Application Deadline

30th of April, 2023

How to Apply

Before applying, Go over the instructions and eligibility requirements on this page.

Email your entry to us at [email protected]

Deliver your full name and preferred contact email address. If you decide not to be reached
about upcoming promotional activity let us understand if you must opt out of these.

To find out more information, visit the Go city website


Go City believe every individual has the right to the opportunity to go through the best of their
lovable city. That’s the reason why they are providing one successful candidate the chance to explore
attraction for free with our admission. You can inquire into leading museums and must-see
landmarks, find out from the citizens on a walking tour, or realize something you didn’t believe they are in existence.


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