Direct Job in Europe 2022/2023

Direct Job in Europe: Incredible, game-changing information. Which, in turn, provides us with enormous opportunities.

Now is the time to get a direct job in Europe. As of late, I’ve discovered a phenomenon I previously considered inconceivable.

Somebody who had just gotten a straight employment offer in Estonia from Pakistan called me for Visa assistance.

What’s the most riveting bit? By trade, he worked as a welder. High-paying blue-collar jobs abound in Europe.

You can get that delivered to your house and share it with your loved ones there. After thoroughly vetting the offer, I can confirm that it is genuine. I figured I’d pass this along so you may apply for the European job openings, too.

Get yourself a job anywhere in Europe. Currently, you can choose from 4219118 open positions. Jobs may be available on a temporary, permanent, part-time, or full-time basis, depending on the circumstances.

It’s easy to get a job in Europe; all you have to do is sign up and create a profile.

Finding a direct job in Europe was extremely difficult a decade ago. Only software engineers began to see direct overseas hiring in the last five years.


In addition, this marks the first time that blue-collar workers have been hired directly in Europe. An excellent opportunity to apply for a European residency program after obtaining a second passport.

Wouldn’t you call that the latest, greatest news? The application procedure is outlined below.

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European Direct Job Applications

  • 4219118 vacancies
  • European Countries
  • Application Procedures
  • Visit
  • Search by country or job title.
  • Jobs are listed.
  • On the left, choose Part-time, Full-time, Language, Job Sector, Education Level, and Experience Level.
  • Select the Job’s Language to see English-only jobs. If you can, choose another language.
  • Create a profile and apply to jobs.
 Direct Job in Europe

Direct Job in Europe/ Work Sector

  • Accommodation and Food Service Activities (121565)
  • Activities of extraterritorial groups (496)
  • Undifferentiated household goods and service production
  • Domestic Activities (1186)
  • Administrative and Support Service Activities (850242)
  • Agriculture, forestry, and fishing (16115)
  • Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation (13175)
  • Construction (113335)
  • Education (66099)
  • Gas, steam, and AC supply (6122)
  • Finance, insurance (27956)
  • Social and health work (197471)
  • Information and Communication (65842)
  • Manufacturing (198756)
  • Mining and Quarrying (5142)
  • Volunteering (40707)
  • Professional, scientific, technical (175114)
  • Administration and Defense; Social Security (36700)
  • Real Estate (13342)
  • Transportation and Storage (58767)
  • Sewerage, waste management, and remediation (17887)
  • Wholesale, retail, and auto/bike repair (195323)

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Direct Job in Europe

Direct Job in Europe: Occupation

These are blue-collar, low-skill employment.

  • Salespeople (127024)
  • Carrier (93096)
  • Unclassified manufacturers (71583)
  • Nursing professionals (69164)
  • Office and hotel cleaners (58123)
  • Industrial and agricultural machinery mechanics (56987)
  • Heavy truck and lorry drivers (53457)
  • Building and related electricians (50118)
  • Waiters (49938)
  • Accountants (49654)
  • Cooks (49258)
  • Social workers (46151)
  • Secretaries (general) (45477)
  • Operators of metalworking machines (41364)
  • Healthcare assistants (38279)
  • Accountants-in-training (37638)
  • Car mechanics (37538)
  • Plumbers/pipefitters (32431)

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