DBA Scholarships for International Students in USA 2022/2023

You are invited to apply for DBA Scholarships for International Students in USA. The fully funded scholarships are reserved for all international students from all over the world who want to pursue their degrees in the United States. 

The Doctorate of Business Administration Scholarship provides an opportunity to the promising students who wish to pursue a career in business. The students interested in this scholarship can pursue an undergraduate and graduate degrees. The DBA scholarship covers recipients’ tuition fees. 

The demand for Doctor of Business Administration is very high all over the world. By 2016 to 2026, the number of jobs in DBA is expected to grow by 28% which is much higher than the national average for all jobs. 

Many colleges and universities now demand professionals in DBA and they are providing a different scholarships programs to encourage and motivate students to pursue their careers in data science.

The DBA is an advanced degree, therefore, students are required to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Management, Business Administration or related disciplines. 

The professionals who have been working for at least ten years and who have acquired significant experience in their fields can also apply for the DBA. With a Doctorate of Business Administration from an accredited university makes graduates distinctive from the crowd by showing their commitment to continuous development and learning.

Brief Details of DBA Scholarships:

• Program: Doctorate of Business Administration

• Scholarship Type: Funded

• Nationality: International

• Country: United States

Scholarship Perks:

• NSA EDBA Cybersecurity Management Award:

° Award: $5,000 in Fall 2022

° Open to: EDB-Cyber students enrolled in Fall 2022

° Description: The essence of this grant is to support our EDBA students’ Cybersecurity Education.

° Eligibility Criteria: 3.0 GPA or higher and enrolled in 6 or more credit hours each semester.

° No of Scholarships: Twenty (20).

• Colorado Cybersecurity Scholarship:

° Scholarship Award: Varies–Minimum $5,000 for EDBA Students

° It is open to: EDBA-Cyber students

° Eligibility Criteria: The Colorado Cybersecurity Scholarship is offered to new and continuing students interested in acquiring knowledge about cybersecurity.

° Scholarship Description: The UCCS Scholarship Application is open in the MyUCCS Portal. It is among the general scholarship application process. For you to be considered, beneath the General application, answer YES to the following question: Are you in the field of Cybersecurity? Answer yes if you wish to apply for consideration.

• Out of State Scholarship:

° Scholarship Award: $6,000/year. It will be divided over two semesters (Fall and Spring).

° Available to: First-year graduate students who are on Campus, Non-resident (paying out-of-state tuition). International students can apply

° Scholarship Description: Awards high-caliber prospective students for their first year of graduate school. Scholarship Awards will be made by qualifying graduate programs to students who are paying out-of-state tuition.

° Eligiblity Criteria: 3.33 GPA or higher. Students enrolled in full time (5 or more credits). Students paying a reduced nonresidential rate can apply. 

Application Link: 


The DBA Scholarships are fully funded. And the closing dates vary. 


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