Step-by-Step Guide to get a Canadian Student Visa in 2022

Canadian Student Visa

Canadian Student Visa: Canada is one of the most sought-after locations to study in abroad. Canadian universities have consistently been the top pick. Canada is well-known for its beautiful scenery and warm people, but the country’s excellent educational system is also a major draw. However, people from all over the world come to Canada to … Read more

University of Toronto International Admission Scholarships Canada for 2022

University of Toronto International Admission Scholarships Canada for 2022

The University of Toronto has announced its International Scholarships for 2022. This scholarship program is designed for the undergraduate international students all over the world.  The UT in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a well recognized and top-ranked research university. UToronto was founded in 1827 by Royal Charter as King’s College– the first and foremost Institution … Read more

University of Alberta Scholarships without IELTS

University of Alberta Scholarships

It is possible to apply to the University of Alberta Scholarships without an IELTS score for a wide range of undergraduate, post-graduate, and research scholarships. If you’re looking for a top-tier university, this one has a large variety of majors to choose from. Scholarships at the University of Alberta are available to both international and … Read more

University of Winnipeg Scholarships , Canada 2022

You want to further your studies in Canada. Good news! University of Winnipeg Scholarships are currently ongoing application. In this article we will explain in details about this scholarship, its worth, eligibility and step by step application process. Scholarships for international students at the University of Winnipeg will be partially supported in 2022. We are … Read more

Entrance Scholarships at Acadia University Canada

You are interested in pursuing an education in Canada. Good news! Entrance International Scholarships is currently ongoing application. In this article, we will explain more about the scholarship, its worth, eligibility and application process. Entrance International Scholarships at Acadia Canada is offered for Bachelor’s degree in the field of all subjects offered at the University. … Read more

McGill University MacBain Scholarships – Canada 2022

McGill University MacBain Scholarships

McGill University MacBain Scholarships: As one of Canada’s most esteemed universities, McGill attracts students from over 149 countries each year to pursue a doctorate in medical science. From business analytics and biomedical engineering to computer science, there are more than 399 undergraduate and post-graduate degrees available at McGill University. McGill University is one of the … Read more

Cape Breton University Scholarship

Cape Breton University

On Canada’s most difficult island, Cape Breton University provides students with a world-class education in a supportive and encouraging learning environment. Cape Breton University is a place where students’ ideas and passions are nurtured. Many international students come to Cape Breton University, which is located in an area with breathtaking landscapes, a vibrant culture, and … Read more

York University Tentanda Scholarship, Canada 2022/2023

York University Tentanda Scholarship

York University Tentanda Scholarship: An Ontario public research institution, York University (York) is located in the city of Toronto. York University, or YU, is a common nickname for the university. It is Canada’s fourth-largest institution, with over 325,000 graduates and a faculty and staff of over 7,000. At York University, students can choose from more … Read more

Loran Scholarships in Canada 2022

Loran Scholarships

The Loran Scholarship in Canada administers Loran Scholarships. The Loran Scholarship Foundation has collaborated with institutions, funders, and volunteers around the United States over the past four years. These kids will be awarded a $100,000 four-year undergraduate scholarship for their commitment to character, service and leadership. The Loran Scholars Foundation is a national nonprofit organization … Read more

Burger King Scholars Program 2021-2022

Burger King Mclamore Foundation is very happy to announce the Burger King Scholars Program. This scholarship program houses three Burger King awards namely, BURGER KING General Track, BURGER KING Employee-Based Track, and the James W. McLamore WHOPPER Scholarship. See the application procedures to get these Burger King Scholarships as a US, Canada, or Puerto Rico student. The Scholars program helps workers, … Read more