How To Apply For A Canada Visitor Visa And The Requirements

Canada Visitor Visa: The majority of travelers entering Canada or passing through a Canadian airport en route to their final destination need a tourist visa.

You may find out more about the Canadian Visitor Visa, the supporting documentation needed, and the application process on this page.

A visiting passport must have an official document—a visitor visa—attached to it. The official document attests that you are eligible to enter Canada.

The majority of Canadian visitor visa permits stay up to six months. At the moment of entry into Canada, border service agents are primarily responsible for determining the length of stay. The border services officer will write the necessary data at the point of entry.

How to Apply for a Canada Visitor Visa

You can apply for a visitor visa to Canada online or on paper. However, make sure you require a guest visa for Canada before applying. To go to Canada, you could need an e-Travel authorization or a visitor visa.

Usually, the necessary entry document is established by:

  • Your intended usage of your travel document’s type and the nation that issued it.
  • Your nation of birth
  • How do you intend to enter Canada?

The steps for obtaining a Canada visitor visa to are as follows:

Review the prerequisites for visiting visa documents.

Checking the specifications for supporting papers again is the next step. The necessary supporting documentation will reveal whether you are eligible for a guest visa. But that depends on why you’re coming to Canada.

Canada Visitor Visa
Your visit to Canada could have any of the following causes:
  • Tourist
  • Business
  • A trip to see family or friends
  • Compassionate justifications

So, using your justification, scan the list of documents. To view the supporting documents necessary for a visitor visa, take the following actions:

Why are you visiting Canada? To choose, click the downward-pointing arrow.

Are you eligible for the fully immunized traveler exemption? Decide whether to answer “Yes” or “No.”

Canada Visitor Visa

Online visa application for Canada visitors visa .

You must complete the following three basic procedures to submit your tourist visa application online:

  • Create a user account.
  • Uploading files is requested.
  • Your fees must be paid.

Using paper, apply now

For complete information on how to apply on paper, read the instruction manual.

Submit your pictures and fingerprints

When requesting a visitor visa, you must supply your biometrics. Your biometric data, including your fingerprints and a photo, was submitted at a nearby visa facility. There are temporary biometric safety precautions in place in case your local visa application center is closed as a result of COVID-19. Learn what your biometrics’ next step should be.


Processing of your visitor visa for Canada

How is your application being processed by Canada’s immigration system?

To make sure you have all the necessary paperwork, they look over your application. If your application is not complete, they will return it without processing it. You will be requested to send your passport to them if they approve your application.

Send your passport after your application has been approved. Simply follow the instructions in the message you’ll receive from the immigration office to find out how to get your visa.

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Before going on vacation to Canada, make sure you are prepared. You might be asked to present additional documents to the border services officer after you arrive in Canada or bring the documentation you filed with your visa application.

What to know before traveling to Canada

To know if you are eligible

To know the next thing to do with Biometric


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