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2023 Merit-Based Scholarship Grants at American University


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2023 Merit-Based Scholarship Grants at American University

Closing Date for applications: is on the 15th of November

Application is currently available for the 2023 Merit-Based Scholarship at American University, Washington. The university provides different kinds of scholarship grants to all admitted pupils, irrespective of their ethnicity. Learners with similar deliberating ion for any educational or merit-based financial assistance to which they may be qualified and have high GPAs and powerful leadership attributes are among the considerably eligible candidates.

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American University (AU) provides a restricted number of charitable partial scholarships and grants to learners from outside the United States who like to attend its undergraduate program. This is done to draw in the most eligible international applicants. Multinational pupils can’t apply for or obtain need-based scholarships or grants. The every year significance of the excellence scholarship can be anywhere from $6,000 to $25,000. (renewable subject to necessities).

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Merit-Based Scholarship Grants For Freshman Students

All merit-based scholarship determinations are accomplished by the Admissions Committee, and pupils are informed either at the period of admission or shortly after. Applying for admission furthermore suffices as an application for merit-based financial aid. Those who desire to be deemed for the following excellence awards do not have to submit a separate application:

  • AU Presidential Scholarship
  • AU Leadership Scholarship
  • Freshman Merit Aid Basics AU Leadership Scholarship

Who can apply?

Qualified recipients have to exemplify educational greatness and rank within the top 10% to 15% of AU’s admitted candidates.

Scholarship Award

Scholarships vary from $6,000 to $22,000.

Application Procedure for Merit-Based Scholarship

All candidates are deemed based on their admissions application; a separate application is needed solely for the United Methodist scholarship.

Is it renewable?

Scholarships are renewable for up to 8 semesters of undergraduate study provided that scholarship candidates stay enrolled full-time, and complete the yearly Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) prerequisites for excellence scholarship renewal.

When will I be informed?

Freshmen will receive a notification at the time of admittance.

First-Year Scholarships

Most candidates may be qualified for the following scholarships. Prerequisites and application details are outlined below.

  • American University District Scholars Award American University is dedicated to assisting pupils in the District of Columbia further their schooling after high school. To that end, America University has set aside $3 million to sponsor high-achieving, low-income learners attending a District of Columbia Public High School and District of Columbia Public Charter Schools with the America University District Scholars Award.

The AU District Scholars Award will fill in full tuition as well as room and board at American University. Ten scholarships will be awarded yearly to meriting pupils who illustrate educational accomplishment and substantial economic necessity. More aid, up to the full expense of attendance will be fitted out based on ascertained financial necessity.

To be deemed, learners must have to meet the following prerequisites:

  • Be a DC citizen attending a DC Public or Public Charter High School
  • Apply for fall term admission to American University by the published application closing date
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and CSS Profile
  • Demonstrate substantial educational aptitude (talent) in high school
  • United Methodist Scholarship

As a courtesy to the Churches associated with the Pan-Methodist Commission, American University provides a 50 percent United Methodist University Ministerial Tuition Remission scholarship to conditional (dependent) children of clergy under appointment and serving full-time in the following churches: United Methodist, African Methodist Episcopal, African Methodist Episcopal, Christian Methodist Episcopal, and Union American Methodist Episcopal 

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The scholarship program is competitive and restricted to 16 learners, roughly 4 for each incoming class. Applications are detached from the admissions procedure and happen on a rolling basis, and emphasis will be provided to earlier candidates with high financial necessities. To understand better and to apply, visit Scholarships through Kay. For queries, please email [email protected]

  • American University National Merit Scholarships

To be deemed for a U-sponsored National Merit Scholarship, candidates have to be a National Merit Finalist and list AU as their first choice school by the NMSC’s stated closing date. All finalists will accept $2,000, every year. This scholarship is renewable for close to 8 semesters if learners maintain acceptable educational advancement. Queries about these sponsored awards should be referred to the National Merit Scholarship Corporation at (847) 866-5100 or rather by visiting the NMSC website. For more information about AU National Merit, you can again contact our National Merit Liaison, Christina Castiglione, at [email protected].

  • Athletic Scholarships Eligibility: Outstanding freshman and transfer athletes. Contact Athletics at 202-885-3000

Tuition Exchange Scholarships

Tuition Exchange, Inc. is an institution with over six hundred member schools that have come concurrently to provide tuition advantages to the households of their workers. To be eligible to apply for the Tuition Exchange Scholarship, applicants must have a parent that is hired at one of the member organizations and meets their employer’s eligibility prerequisites.

At American University, Tuition Exchange (TE) is a competitive, merit-based scholarship. To apply for the scholarship, parents of students applying to the university need to contact their university’s Tuition Exchange Liaison Officer (TELO). Their TELO will submit the application for TE on the family’s behalf. The closing date to present the TE application is the exact as the admissions ending date you’re a candidate applying for

  • Early Decision 1 freshman candidates: is on the 15th of November
  • Early Decision 2 freshman candidates: January 15
  • Regular Decision freshman candidates: January 15

Tuition Exchange is a competitive scholarship based exclusively on academics. TE recipients are rated based on high school academics and then the top pupils in that pool are decided on to obtain the scholarship.

a. Maintain eligibility at their home organization and present the recertification application by January 15th of every academic year.

b. at least 12 credits each semester.

c. Fulfill the yearly Satisfactory academic progress (SAP) prerequisites for excellence scholarship renewal.

Unable to fulfill these prerequisites will lead to the loss of the scholarship. For more information about Tuition Exchange kindly refer to the Tuition Exchange website or contact our Tuition Exchange Liaison, Michelle Jeong, at



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Do not miss out on the currently available Merit-Based Scholarship at American University, Washington for the year 2023. The university provides different kinds of scholarship grants to all admitted pupils, irrespective of their ethnicity. Apply now and get to study outside your residence country.

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