2023 Leslie Ann Hales English Scholarship at King’s University


Leslie Ann Hales English King’s University  – Canada is providing a scholarship that is worth the sum of £1,000 to learners
who desire to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree program in the United Kingdom.

The Leslie Ann Hales English Scholarship was designated to commemorate Leslie-Ann Hales
who served King as a dedicated and inspiring English professor from 1980 to 2012.

Training of undergraduates in laboratory, field, or educational research, is summed up
well-known at King’s. Numerous projects collaborate with different universities, non-government
institutions, community gatherings, or transnational cooperation. The King’s Center for
Visualization in Science is formulating computer-based pedagogy (teaching) apparatuses (tools)
for high school science teachers to manufacture properties and procedures in chemistry and
physics. Research with significance for the social guideline (policy) comprises Alberta’s oil
sands, uniformity in Alberta’s public schooling system, and nationwide rendering (delivery) of
men’s health assistance (services). Sustainability in enterprises or businesses, communities,
and resource-based livelihoods in Africa is the research emphasis (focus) of transnational
partnerships with non-government establishments and different universities.

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Learners can register in over six hundred and fifty (650) courses across thirty-seven (37)
disciplines. King’s University provides three-year and four-year bachelor’s degrees in the arts,
humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and commerce, as well as a two-year Bachelor of
Education after-degree. Distinguished programs comprise the Environmental Studies program
and the Politics-History-Economics (PHE) incorporated major. Presently, the university has over
nine hundred (900) learners registered in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of
Music, Bachelor of Commerce, and Bachelor of Education programs. King’s University receives
academically eligible learners of all religions into its programs.

Eligibility Standards For The Leslie Ann Hales English Scholarship

  • Candidates have to apply and have high school admission marks averaging at least 80 percent
    or a 3.30 or higher post-secondary Grade Point Average to demonstrate excellence in English
  • Candidates must have high school certificates with outstanding educational histories (records).
  • Candidates are required to complete the admission prerequisites for each qualification they
    intend to study.
  • Candidates must provide evidence of their competence in written and spoken English.

Qualified Countries: International

Scholarship Type: Bachelor of Arts degree

The Worth of the Award is: a sum of $1,000

Number of Awards: One

Qualified Field of Studies: Bachelor of Arts degree program with a significant or first
concentration in English at the University.

The procedure of Application To apply for the scholarship, Candidates must have to accept
admission to the Bachelor’s degree program at King’s University.

Application Closing Date: 31st of March 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Leslie Ann Hales English scholarship for international students at King’s University
in Canada?

Leslie-Ann Hales English Scholarship. One scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded annually to a
a full-time prospective or returning learner who is registered in a Bachelor of Arts degree program
with a major or first concentration in English.

Which University in the United Kingdom gives full scholarships for international students?

The University of Manchester provides an enormous combination of scholarships and bursaries.
There are subject-specific (stipulated) awards that are provided to multinational learners
studying in distinct courses, disciplines, or faculties. The university likewise provides travel
awards, university allocation, and numerous additional.

Which scholarship is fully funded in the United Kingdom in 2023?

The candidate is asked to apply for the Clarendon Oxford University Scholarship 2023. This is a
fully-financed United Kingdom Scholarship program for multinational learners. The Oxford
University scholarship is available to embark on a master’s or Ph.D. Degrees. There is no
separate application needed for the scholarship.

How can I get a 100% scholarship to study in the United Kingdom?

You can visit the United Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website to
discover more about the funding obtainable if you are studying in the United States Kingdom as
an undergraduate scholar, including whether or not you are suitable to apply for a scholarship.


The Leslie Ann Hales English Scholarship was organized to commemorate Leslie-Ann Hales
who served King as a committed and motivating English professor from. Training of undergraduates in laboratory, field, or academic research, is summed up well-known at King’s. Multiple projects collaborate with various institutes, non-government institutions, community gatherings, or transnational partnerships. Apply now and get to study for free.


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